dress: kate spade (old, but love this one) // coat: J.Crew (keeping an eye on this one for even further reductions) // blouse: kate spade (love this one) // shoes: tory burch (love this pair) // purse: chanel (last seen here)

Bright colors. Layers. Patterns. Chanel Crossbody. Can you tell that I am channeling Dr. Mindy Lahiri right here?! If you haven't watched "The Mindy Project", then you need to get on it! It's hilarious and Mindy's style is so fun! These photos are actually from a few weeks ago. I saw on Mindy Kaling's Instagram that she was filming in San Francisco so I threw on my best Mindy Project outfit and tried to find her!!!! I made Jesse hop into the car and drive around to the tourist sites of SF. After a day running around the city, I wasn't able to catch her, so I guess I'll just have to try next time.

So what's the secret to achieving my Perfect Project style- it's funny you ask! I put this outfit together with things I've had forever! First, start with a collared shirt. I love this one from Kate Spade and actually ordered two when they were having a sale and it was such a great purchase. Then I threw on one of my favorite Kate Spade dresses. Funny enough, I actually wore this in the South of France last summer for my cousin Jared's wedding. Funny how different it looks with the top underneath. Then I threw on my favorite J.Crew coat- I love the blue and pink combination. Do I look like I could be a stand-in or what?

Now on the very top of my wish list is a bright! pink Chanel purse! I can't wait to be twinning with Mindy!!

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