Everyone has been so thoughtful asking how my pregnancy is going. I swear, there hasn't been a day that's gone by that I haven't received a call, email, or text asking how I'm doing, guessing the sex (before we found out), suggesting names, and giving tips. I hope my answers aren't boring. With a simple and resounding, "I feel great!" I hope people aren't getting jaded. I can't express my gratitude enough!

I've also had a lot of expecting moms email me asking questions and I am happy to help, but in no way see myself as an expert, just someone who is trying to make life work! They usually ask what I've loved/ enjoyed/ needed throughout the pregnancy and I thought I would share! I hope you enjoy! Feel free to email me at Caroline. if you have any other questions!

One // My Snoogle! You can read more about that here. Having the full-length body pillow has been amazing! Most women wait until their bump is pretty big to start using one, but I highly recommend sleeping with it earlier. I did not get a case for it and that's something I need to order stat!

Two // Starbucks hot chocolate! For better or worse, I received a generous Starbucks gift card for Christmas, so I have a hot chocolate about every other day and it has been so comforting! I usually get a tall with only two pumps of mocha syrup (they usually put in three). I drink 2% (I'll never forget when the baristas were surprised I wasn't getting a non-fat drink for the first time). I also love that I am getting a lot of calcium from the milk!

Three // Vests! Especially my Northface vest. Since the weather changes every day in SF, I usually have my vest handy to throw on when it gets a little cooler. See this post about one of my absolute favorite vests! For more dressy looks, I love black and white dresses like the Ann Taylor dress pictured! It is loose, while still look polished. The belt also helps create some shape rather than being boxy (similar here).

Four // Bagels!!! Yum! My favorite. I honestly have had a bagel every single day since I found out I was pregnant! I usually get poppy seed with cream cheese or if I want more protein I get an egg bagel with cheese, tomato, and avocado.

Five // Golden Gate Park. Walking around Stowe Lake has been my favorite thing to do always, but especially during the pregnancy. I park by the bathrooms, do a lap, make a bathroom stop, lap, bathroom, lap, bathroom, bathroom. I know it sounds crazy, but I can't go on long walks unless I know exactly where the next bathroom is!

Six // H& M Basic Long Sweatshirt. I'll have to take some photos of this sweatshirt. It has been my absolute favorite thing to wear because it is long and covers my hips and butt, which keeps me really warm and allowed me to hide the little bump in the beginning. It's a beautiful heather blue and everyone always asks me about it. I think it was $15 or something like that- best purchase ever!

Seven // Ice Packs! Maybe because I am married to the King of Ice Packs (Jesse ices something every night after coming home from the gym), I have a new appreciation for their pain relief. I haven't read anything on the pregnancy sites about ice packs, so maybe they're my little secret. A few weeks ago when my back was really bothering me I would just ice for ten minutes and stretch and I found it really helped!

Eight // Prenatal massages. I wish I could get a massage every day! It is my favorite thing ever. I've gotten a handful of prenatal massages and they were life savers. When it comes to massages, I'm a believer in maintenance rather than only going when there's an emergency. Plus, I know you're not supposed to get massages during the last final weeks, so I'm trying to squeeze as many in as possible. I usually go to UCSF. My sister Claire loves International Orange on Fillmore and my sister Caitlin loves The Mindful Body on California.

Nine // My Nike workout pants. I pretty much live in these. I got a full length pair that goes to my ankle because it was getting colder and I absolutely love them. I always stayed away from full length because I thought they weren't as flattering but they are! They really elongate legs, rather than cutting them off like the capri pants. 

Ten // The Bump App, What to Expect App, and My Pregnancy App. Having all of this information has been extremely helpful!! I love that it is so accessible and I can read it on the go. I look at these apps probably ten times a day. Not because I am obsessive, but because there is so much information and I love reading it and processing it and thinking about how it applies to me.

I am curious to see how the ten things I can't live without might change as I finish up the second trimester and enter the third trimester! I still have a little bit to go- I'm 21 weeks and the third trimester is at 28 weeks! Ahh 

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