HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!! I hope that everyone has a great day and a great weekend! I'm trying to pump everyone up because it seems like everyone has been coming down from the New Year's high and has been hit hard with a case of the blues. You can wear your heart on your sleeve or you can do what I do and throw on some blue, cobalt to be exact, and chase the blues away! I am pretty sure everyone LOVES this color! I haven't met someone that hates this vibrant shade. It's an instant mood-improver and it looks great on everyone! It's like the sisterhood of the traveling pants- it's going to make you look blue-tiful!!!

Maybe I have a new appreciation for this color because it reminds me of the best feeling in the world: when you see a bright blue Packed Party package on your doorstep! Read my previous post about Packed Party here! 

When I am feeling down I like to send a nice text to someone. Sometimes it's helpful to stop wallowing in my own sadness and send positivity to others. I also like to go for a walk or eat ice cream (the order doesn't really matter). I also love watching sports- I'll usually watch the Warriors highlights with Jesse and get so excited to see Steph Curry do so well- his step-back jumper is insane (the added benefit of having a closet full of cobalt is I can throw on a yellow scarf or just paint my nails yellow and I'm part of Dub Nation). 

I also like to reflect and think about why I'm down and then try and snap out of it. I liked this article from PsychologyToday with tips on how to get out of a bad mood. Ha! Most of the times I'm in a bad mood it's because I'm hungry! Now I want to go to Roam!! If you still can't shake the blues, send yourself a Pity Party!

Cheer up, Charlie! Shop my favorite cobalt pieces here! 

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