Happy Monday! Here we are at Week 22! Thank you everyone for being so excited for us regarding our announcement that we're having a baby girl. The love has been non-stop and we are very appreciative! Right when you get engaged everyone says, "Congratulations! Have you set a date?!" As soon as you say, "I do", people ask, "when are you having kids?" As soon as you say you're pregnant, people ask if you want a boy or a girl. As soon as you say you're having a girl, people say, "have you gone shopping yet?!"

I'm not complaining about these questions at all, simply noting how funny they are. I find myself asking people the exact same questions. Actually, since getting pregnant, I've omitted the question about having kids. If people want to share, they will.

But the funny thing is- the very first thing I bought after finding out we were having a girl was this Baby Gap adorable newborn onesie in a pale blue and white striped pattern. And yes, it was from the boys section!! Honestly, I can't believe they still have separate clothing sections based on gender. It should just be based on size.

I wish you could really see how teeny tiny this little onesie is. My entire life I have been a cry baby, and oddly enough, I've only cried twice during this entire pregnancy. The first one was pretty early on-- I can't even remember what it was that made me cry. But the second one was the other night when I standing in the (still undecorated) nursery, holding up this little onesie and I started tearing up thinking that pretty soon our little baby girl will be wearing this!! It really is mind boggling!!

Now everyone has been asking what the name will be! We have a few options and are going to wait to share them! Thanks so much for understanding! <3 For now, my family has been calling her Baby Petunia Pedersen!

A few other thoughts: I'm definitely bigger but since I'm not wearing maternity clothes yet, you can't really tell that it's a baby bump. Most people can't tell I'm pregnant and honestly, I've been grateful for that, because I get to disclose if I want to. In a few short weeks, there will be no hiding this baby girl. When I was picking up my prenatal vitamins the pharmacist at Walgreens couldn't believe I was 5 and a half months pregnant. Some people might be insulted, but honey, I love it! Jesse and I have some fun Valentine's Day travel plans and I'm really praying that baby Petunia decides to get really big after February 14!!!

Also, the other day I was thinking about the day when our daughter says, "I hate you!" to me. Obviously this won't be for a few years, but I can't help but wonder what I will do. I have to imagine I will laugh. The one time I said something aggressive to my mom (I must have been twelve) she just burst out laughing in my face. No, I didn't swear or say I hate you- she was being very demanding and I simply said, "Right this way, PRINCESS!" and bowed and gestured for her to walk. We still laugh about that and I still call her Princess. I'm actually laughing about it now. What a great example in parenting!!

I hope everyone has a great day! We're off to our 22 week appointment today. I have no idea what happens at this appointment, so stay tuned! I'd love to find out we're having twins! 



Baby is the size of: a Papaya. I actually have no idea how big this baby girl is. It seems like a big range: 12.7-20.8 oz.

Weight Gain: 10.5 lbs (must be all those bagels- ha! Just kidding). I often try and think of where these 10.5 pounds are distributed: 1 lb to each boob? 1.5 lbs to my back? 2.5 lbs to my legs? 1 lb to the baby? the rest to fluids and muscles? 

Common Symptoms: 

Outtie Belly Button: Nope. Mine is still an innie. This should change in the next couples of weeks.

Raging Hormones: No and I'm surprised by this. I feel like I had far more mood swings, random cry sessions, and rage when I wasn't pregnant. But I was also working with teenagers, so hmmm.....

Minor Swelling of Hands and Feet: Not yet- rings and shoes still fit. 

Back aches: Yes, I've had back aches this week, but I think it's because I haven't been doing enough stretching. Need to get back to that.

Trouble Catching Breath: I haven't experienced it too much, but the other day I was trying to have a conversation with someone and I realized I was really out of breath. I just had to laugh.

Complaints: No real complaints! I have still been so lucky. I honestly give thanks every night that things have been going so smoothly. This week I could feel a lot more stretching and pulling on my muscles. 

Grateful for: My wonderful husband! We spent all Sunday together and it was so nice!

Hoping for: Like I said earlier, for Baby Petunia to get really big after Valentine's Day!

Excited about: Getting the nursery together, baby showers, real showers (I take three a day. I'm actually in the shower now), the pain management class- why isn't this offered to everyone and not just those who will be going through labor, The Perfect 10 SF x Sports Basement Party this Thursday- I hope you can make it!

Oh, and I'm also very excited about having someone to dress up in hearts! I have about half of this stuff already <3

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