top: Ann Taylor (also love this one) //  necklace: J.crew (old) 

I've noticed that I've been wearing a lot of blue recently (did you see my previous post on cobalt? You should go back and check it out because I didn't notice until I was posting the photo on Instagram that I had lipstick on my teeth! Ha I also love that ModaVive regrammed it! Read my post on ModaVive here).

For a while there everyone was guessing the gender based on what I was wearing. Which is funny because I didn't even know the sex until right before I shared it. Now the guessing is over, but I can still wear blue, right? Maybe I will wear more pink when it's spring and back in stores. One of my pet peeves is when moms wear blue if they're having a girl or pink if they're having a boy to their baby shower!!!!! Not for any reason other than the fact that it makes me completely panic and feel like I forgot or messed up what they're having and I'll look like a total dumbo when they open my present!!! Totally takes me back to 4th grade and feeling panicked that my project was all wrong!!

Do I look pregnant? Honestly some days I don't think I look pregnant at all and sometimes I think this baby is growing and I look big (well, not big but bigger)! I can't even imagine what it will be like to have a bigger bump! Did you read my 22 Weeks update? You can read it here!

Pink, blue, black, white, or grey- it doesn't really matter, I am loving polk dots and I love this polka dot top from Ann Taylor! I just realized that it's called Polka Dot Perfect Shirt-- I guess it was meant to be! Here are some other great polka dot pieces I am loving right now!