Thanks for reading this week's 22 Week pregnancy update! If you missed it, you can read it here! Everyone has been so sweet asking how the doctors appointment went on Monday, I thought I would share a quick update here and then answer a few pregnancy questions I've received via email from other glowing gals who are expecting!

The doctors appointment was great! We have been going to OneMedical for Prenatal care and we've been very happy with the care we have received. We will be delivering at UCSF in June at the brand new Benioff Hospital, which officially opens in a few weeks (it says February 15th but I think they are opening February 1st!). 

The nurse said she noticed my linea nigra had started to show (mine looks nothing like the image here). It was funny because I hadn't even noticed it until she pointed it out. It is very, very faint and honestly just looks like a little seam line from wearing too tight of pants!

Luckily I didn't have to get my blood drawn. I will at the next appointment due to the glucose screening to check for gestational diabetes. I have to drink the sugary orange flavored drink and then get my blood drawn to see if more tests need to be done to see if I have diabetes. From my detailed description you can tell I'm not a medical expert. You can read more about it here. 

[I should reiterate that I love sharing my experience, but please don't take any of my advice as medical advice. I'm only CPR certified! In case of an emergency, seek professional medical attention.]

I didn't have too many questions this time, but here is what I asked:

When do I have to stop sleeping on my back? I love sleeping on my back (I call it my soldier pose) and everything I've read said to stop sleeping on your back at 20 weeks because the weight of the uterus puts pressure on a major vein and can cut off circulation. The nurse said to just listen to my body- it will tell me when it's time to sleep on my side.

What can I take if the plumbing is clogged (aka I'm constipated)? Luckily the plumbing has been working but again, everything I've read said constipation is a major issue and it's dangerous to take certain medication and laxatives. I was just asking to be proactive. The nurse said to eat dried fruit or take magnesium supplements.

My groin has been sore. Is it better to rest it or stretch it? Since my recent form of exercise has been walking, a lot of walking, my groin has been sore and I wanted to know what's best. She said stretching is great but don't push it because muscles have more elasticity and you don't want to over stretch it.

Questions I've received via email:

Q. You've had little weight gain? What are your typical meals? Why, thank you! On a typical day, I usually have a bagel and cream cheese, bowl of fruit, salad with protein, and then a hamburger. My late night snack has been a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. I know this sounds crazy, but I'm not a food lover. I'd rather have a piece of toast than go out to a fancy dinner so my diet hasn't really changed too much. In this moment, I'm realizing that I've barely had any dairy. I love cheese but haven't had too much of it (maybe that's also helping avoid any plumbing issues). Oh, and I drink a TON of water!! I am drinking water 24/7!

Q. How are you planning on decorating your nursery? This is a tough one! I love all of the stuff from Pottery Barn Baby and pieces from Land of Nod. I think we are going to go with white and grey with some accent color...tbd. Stay tuned!

Q. What's been your biggest indulgence? Food-wise it's probably been the once-occassional and now daily hot chocolates with whip cream. The more whip cream, the better. Ha! I guess I indulged a lot before because nothing really comes to mind. I've splurged on this Caudalie moisturizer. There are far more expensive creams, but this tube is pretty small and I've gone through about three in the last couple of weeks.

Q. What pregnancy and parenting books have you been reading/ do you suggest? You caught me! I've been mostly reading information online about pregnancy and I feel justified in having not read parenting books since I've been in a three year masters program for Marriage and Family Therapy. That is such a cop-out though and I'm going to research the books I want to read and will post that soon!!

Q. What's been the greatest thing about being pregnant? There have been lots of great things! In no particular order: not feeling pregnant has been pretty awesome; sharing this experience with Jesse, feeling the love and support from so many people makes me so grateful and just makes me want to be a kinder, more generous person to others; learning more about the medical aspects of pregnancy; feeling like I can pass along the love and fun my parents raised my siblings and me with; feeling this baby girl kick has been fun- I feel like the two of us our having our own secret party all day!!! She gets really, really active every night at 10:00pm!

Q. There are a lot of foods that are suggested/ required you avoid during pregnancy. Have you stayed away from it all? Eaten a few? I want the truth! Luckily my older sister Caitlin has been pregnant twice and showed me the ropes. I'll never forget when she first shared the long list of foods to avoid: deli meat, unpasteurized anything, caffeine, soft cheeses, raw fish, and more. With salami on that list, I never thought I'd be able to do it. I've avoided all of the foods that are suggested to avoid, mostly because I have such a crazy imagination and having a cracker with brie makes my imagination run wild and it's not worth it to have my mind race for a cheese that's super fatty any way! I think the best thing I did was cut out caffeine months before I got pregnant. I was a coffee addict- sometimes three cups a day! I didn't like the way it made me felt. I haven't had a sip of coffee since I launched this blog! How crazy is that! Perfect 10 SF is my new addiction!

Thanks for reading! xo, Caroline & Baby Petunia


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