top: Ann Taylor // scarf: Ferragamo (similar here)

I love the classic Americana combination of red, white and blue and am not afraid to sport it year round. I love this top from Ann Taylor for form because it is classic and for function because it is loose. You can barely see my growing baby bump.

I realized afterward that this post could actually be titled "Perfect Patriots" because it's the perfect outfit to wear to a Super Bowl party. I know some girls really like to wear jerseys to cheer for their team but it's not something I'll ever do- I think I got my fill of jerseys in my younger years growing up playing sports. This is not a judgement, just a thinking out loud question but doesn't it seem like the people who never played sports growing up really love wearing jerseys as adults? Maybe they felt left out and now they can get their fill by wearing them! Good for them!

I haven't been following football this year (not like I ever really did before) but with the Niners new stadium, poor performance, and Harbaugh exit (who's got it better than uhh....), I felt less inclined to watch any football. I was talking about the NFL with my girlfriend and it seems pretty ridiculous that there has been so much about NFL players and domestic violence in news recently and yet nothing has changed. I'm pretty appalled and am turned off from the whole sport. Working at a high school with 300 male teenagers made me realize that they have very few positive role models in professional sports to look up to (except for you, Steph Curry! Thanks for reading my blog). It makes me very sad and angry to see the types of behavior males in the public eye are able to get away with.

What this post should really be called is Perfect Police! No, not because I'm calling the police on all male athletes. But because when Jesse and I were taking these photos there were two police officers sitting in their car watching the whole thing. I could have felt embarrassed but I thought (hopefully) I'll never see these cops again. Growing up in San Francisco, I felt like my parents knew every single cop in the city. I realized about a week ago that I probably should familiarize myself with a few local cops- it would be good to have them on my side. My last interaction with the cops was during that crazy debacle when someone broke into my mom's car and stole my cell phone a few months ago, remember that?

One last thought about football, celebrities, and success: our best family friends are huge Patriots and Red Sox fans because they are from Boston and always cheer for the Patriots. I was thinking about Tom Brady the other day. It seems like he is quite polarizing- you're either a Patriot's fan and adore him or you absolutely hate him. It makes me really wonder about success. Everyone loves a story of hard work and overcoming difficult obstacles, but as soon as someone is successful they become the most hated person. Why do people hate someone who is successful, especially if they've earned it? 

On a separate note, thank you to everyone who came to Sports Basement last night!!

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Have fun watching the Super Bowl, I'll be working on the nursery for Baby Girl PP!!!!

xo, Caroline

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