Exciting news!! I have asked my very kind, thoughtful, smart, athletic, and FASHIONABLE brother to write a monthly guest pieces for Perfect 10 SF and he accepted the challenge! Stay tuned for pieces by Danny (you can read the post I did on him here).

One of my favorite online places to shop is ShopBop. I always love popping over to the men's site East Dane to see what is trending. I love watches and wear one almost every day. It's really rare to find younger people wearing watches because we're so used to just looking at our phones for the time. I've tried to get Jesse a watch a few times (wedding gift, birthdays, anniversaries) and he always politely declines because he says it gets in the way when he is typing.

Maybe if I show him these watches from East Dane, he might reconsider. The top three designers that I like are Jack Spade, Weiss Watch Company, and Tsovet. The trends I am seeing with mens watches is a durable, neutral strap with a round face. I think this is a great look because it transitions from day to night well. Do you think I can convince Jesse to wear a watch? Maybe he'll go for a G-Shock one!

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