I am very excited to share a new jewelry designer that I recently discovered and am just smitten with! I was perusing the Neiman Marcus jewelry department a few weeks ago when I first discovered Ashley Morgan Designs. I had never seen anything quite like this jewelry- it was feminine, delicate, colorful, and truly one of a kind. I had to Google it right away (am I only the one that needs to find out as much as possible about a designer, brand, person, place, well, anything?). Imagine my surprise when I found out that Ashley Morgan Designs is based in San Francisco-- I guess it makes sense, SF is the best! I had to reach out to Ashley Morgan immediately!

Fast forward a few weeks and there I was on my way to the Ashley Morgan Designs office in downtown San Francisco, right near Union Square. One of the things I love about Perfect 10 (and I've said this a million times) is that I get to meet such wonderful people, particularly inspirational female entrepreneurs. I guess I am very lucky, because everyone I have met has been amazing. But you never know, so I just try to go into every meeting with a really positive attitude and not force anything.

Oh wow! I could not have been prepared for what I was going to experience in my meeting with Ashley Morgan. Turns out that Ashley and Morgan are a married couple and luckily, I got to meet them both in their office, which Ashley refers to as the "Jewel Box" (don't you just LOVE that?! I love when rooms are named. Before we knew we were having a girl, we called the nursery the "Poker Room" just for fun) and instantly fell in love with both of them! I connected with Morgan about life at USF (our paths never crossed, he was in the Entrepreneurial Business Program and I'm in the Psychology program). I was really taken with his passion for his wife, their company, their partnership, and his down to earth demeanor.

He left and I was able to sit with Ashley in the Jewel Box and we talked about everything from her childhood in Colorado, to her time studying at the Revere Academy in San Francisco (she has a Masters in Jewelry Making-- how cool is that?!), to motherhood. Chatting with her was so special because it reminded that behind each business there's always a story and I'm loving finding and celebrating the companies with special stories.

Intrigued by her personal story, I asked her to share some of the stories behind her pieces. The one that touched me the most is the story of the first pieces I was drawn to. When Ashley saw her mother playing in a field with her daughter and saw the special bond between generational love. Ashley's mother and daughter then stopped to make a daisy chain. Simple as can be, but it really resonated with the Colorado native who grew up surrounded by nature. Ashley then created the Daisy Bib Necklace to celebrate the love of the women in her family. I mean, how touching is that?!

As I am beginning to prepare for the whirlwind that is parenthood, you can imagine why that story stuck with me. I was actually at my parents' house yesterday and my mom was babysitting my niece. When first made a grandmother, my mom decided she didn't want to be called Granny, Grandma, Grandmother-- nope she wanted to be called Mon Cherie (my love). Well, my niece couldn't pronounce that so she just calls her Moncher- which sounds a lot like Monster. We all laugh about it, but as I was at my parents' house I thought about Ashley's story and how beautiful it was. So while I can't do a DIY project to save my life and I know that jewelry making is out of the question, I can celebrate love every day with Ashley Morgan designs.

I think they make the most perfect Valentine's Day or Mother's Day Present! I might have to get the Daisy Bib Necklace for my sister, Caitlin because she calls her second daughter Daisy. If you want to learn more about Ashley Morgan Designs you can check out the site, visit the collection at Neiman Marcus (she's also in Gumps, Bloomingdales, and local boutiques) or you can shop her trunk show at Neiman Marcus on Wednesday, February 11th at Neiman Marcus in Union Square. I want to go so badly, but I will be out of town!! I also love that she does custom designs!!! Do you hear that Valentine's?! 

I hope everyone sees something beautiful today!! At least call your mom and tell you love her!

My favorite Designs: Daisy Bib Necklace / Aqua Stud Earrings / Carved Ruby Drop Earrings / Emerald Pendant

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