Happy Friday!! Jesse and I are having an absolute blast in New York together! Between my schedule and his schedule with meetings, we've been seeing each other here and there. We're looking forward to the weekend where we can both switch into vacation mode and celebrate Valentine's Day!!!

I had a blast yesterday meeting my friend Dria at Soho House. (Did you see my post the other day about my pal Dria? You can read it here.) Although we're on opposite sides of the country, our style is pretty similar and I had to laugh that we have almost matching faux fur shawls! Soho House is a private club in New York and I was lucky enough to visit as Dria's guest. It's nice to have a spot where you can escape the cold, that's not a coffee shop, is comfortable, and has great food. They have a strict no photo policy, so you'll just have to take my word that it is amazing! We had the best time catching up, laughing, and talking about Keep! (You have to get on Keep! It's the absolute best!!).

I've always been a big fan of faux-fur because it can dress up a plain, all-black outfit, keep you warm, and make you feel like it's a party. I packed my suitcase full of faux fur: this Tibi sweater, Kate Spade Ear muffs, Kate Spade infinity scarf, and another wrap.

Shop some of my favorite faux fur pieces below! Now I'm off to some shows! Follow along on Instagram to see which ones!

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