When we say it's cold in California, people all over the country say we don't know what we're talking about. But I think temperature is relative. We've been enjoying sunny skies, but I have to admit, it's been vury cold for San Francisco. Playing bocce ball, walking at Marina Green, and picnicking outside this time of year involves bundling up.

With New Year's Eve falling on a Thursday, it made the following few days feel like every day was a Sunday. It was so nice to have an extended weekend-- I love mind tricks like that. We had a blast celebrating on the Sonoma Coast with two of our favorite couples. We went for hikes, cooked dinner, watched stand-up, and rang in the New Year with lots of laughs, courtesy of Cards Against Humanity. I truly couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the start of what promises to be an amazing year.

While it was great to get away from the city, and our freezing apartment, I got more practice at bundling up because the heater wasn't working! Whenever I'm cold I have to channel Rose from Titanic and say, "Jack, I'm sooo cold!" Remember the old lady dropped it in the ocean in the end.

Here are my the 10 things on my mind today! Happy Tuesday!

One// In the picture above I am wearing one of my favorite coats from Michael Kors. MK is my go-to designer for outerwear when I am looking for warmth (I love J.Crew for all other outerwear). I got this jacket last season and love the structured and timeless look of it. I tie the belt instead of buckling it, simply because it's easier, but I also think it looks better. I think my next Michael Kors purchase will be a light brown or camel color quilted jacket and I like these three.

Two // Although I grew up in San Francisco and not some cabin in the woods, my family always had a log burning in the fireplace during the cold, holiday months. I still love going over to my parents house and sitting in the living room with the fire on reading the newspaper, Oprah magazine, or a good book and drinking some hot water out of my favorite mug. Here are the books that I hope to read in January (they are all humor books because I want to start the year off on a good note- Gone Girl was scary!):

Yes Please by Amy Poehler // Food by Jim Gaffigan // As You Wish by Cary Elwes with Joe Laden. This is on the top of my list because it is about the making of classic film, The Princess Bride.  

Three // Scarfs have been a must recently! It makes me laugh because in some ways, my sisters and I are just mini-mes of my mom. We're all just running around San Francisco with our coats, oversized purse, sense of humor, and signature pashmina. I think between the five of us we have over thirty pashminas, that's not even counting all of the silk scarfs and wool scarves we have. I feel like I can't leave the house without Celine saying, "do you have your pashmina?". I love the sophisticated look of a scarf or pashmina and think it's time for some new ones to add to the Curran family collection.

Four// Want to stay warm and follow your New Year's Resolution of staying active? Well, head on over the Dance Mission Theater and take your adult hip-hop classes on Monday nights at 6:30pm. I said I want Honey!!!

Five // Gloves always make me think of my Nana, oh and I guess, Karl Lagerfeld. Every year I plan on being the great Karl for Halloween but I can never get my white wig in time! My Nana (my maternal grandmother was such a classy and sophisticated lady and always had her gloves with her). Here are the perfect pairs I have my eyes on! 

Six // You might think that because I love shoes that I am a snob when it comes to slippers, mainly Uggs. I know people have mixed feelings about them but I think they are actually pretty functional. I cannot think of a warmer shoe or house slipper and I love throwing them on before running out the door to walk the dog (okay, I don't have a dog, but you get the idea). It's funny too because men LOVE Ugg slippers! They think they are the coziest things ever! Once they slip their foot in a pair they start to rethink all of the times they made fun of girls in jean skirts and Uggs (oh, wait no one ever rethinks that).

Seven // I've only had one pair of over-the-knee boots (OTK) in my lifetime and I don't think this is the time to get another pair, being pregnant and all. Here are the pairs I would get if I wasn't expecting!

Eight // Stay warm by snuggling in bed with someone you love! We have the comfiest bed ever and I love getting under the covers to read or work on the blog. I recently changed our duvet comforter, something I like to do every so often to mix it up. My favorite duvets are from Pottery Barn because they are the crunchiest- I feel like they are stiff but still soft. I remember learning at Versailles that Marie Antoinette would redecorate her estate every season. The best I can do is just change the comforter!

Nine // Stay warm by cooking a nice hot meal! Better yet, invite friends over to join in on the fun. I love looking at Real Simple for recipes, because frankly, I need recipes that are real simple. I found these three recipes and thought they are talking directly to ME!!! Recipes So Simple, Kids Can Make Dinner Tonight!

Ten // Don't want to buy a lot of products to stay warm? Find out how LiveScience suggests staying warm! Read the full article here. I was surprised to read that the worst thing you can do is drink alcohol when you are cold because it drops your core temperature!

Stay warm out there!


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