All I can say is, WOW! Only 17 more weeks to go! That is really crazy and I can't believe it each week when I see the numbers change. We've been counting down like seniors! When will graduation be here? When will this baby be here? I actually have a lot to countdown: my last day of USF classes, grad school graduation, end of the semester at my traineeship site, and the arrival of our baby girl! Unbelievable to think that we are only 120 days away from our due date!!

Things have been going very well and I think I finally have a bump! I woke up Sunday morning in a pregnant lady's body! Maybe this is how someone feels after plastic surgery- you know it's going to happen but waking up with a different feature is a little freaky Friday! I'm still able to fit into my clothes but now strangers are asking me when I am due, but that could also be because I am stopping them on the street to ask them stroller questions (more on our stroller experience later!). I always want to say, "oh, I'm not pregnant, I just like strollers" to see their reaction. But Jesse told me I need to stop messing with people so I've refrained, but it might be way too hard not to do it once or twice when I'm 8 months pregnant-- but it has to be to the right person.

I still haven't had any cravings, fatigue, or horrible symptoms. I've been SO lucky. I think I took my first real pregnancy nap the other day. I always laugh because I've had all of the symptoms of pregnancy my whole life (fatigue, mood swings, nausea, constipation, emotional outbursts) and now that I'm actually pregnant, I feel amazing! Maybe I'll be like that family on tv and have 20 children! From my experience, life is great when you're pregnant!

Jesse and I spent some time over the weekend working on the nursery and it was really fun (you can see a preview post on my Instagram account). We really are a great team and I can't wait to share our project with you soon! I think it's going to be the best looking room in the house and it makes me want to get our living room in order.

One interesting thing I learned at last week's appointment is they measure your uterus to make sure it is growing properly. It was a funny change from the high-tech UCSF sonogram machines to have them pull out a tape measure and hand measure from my public bone to the top of the uterus. The fascinating thing is that your uterus should be the same numeric value as the number of weeks pregnant- so I was 22 weeks at the time and my uterus was 22cm. Pretty crazy!

Here is my baby to-do list for the week: 

1. Register- I've been avoiding this! After moving and getting rid of so much stuff it's hard to get excited about getting more stuff (at the moment, I am sure it will change).

2. Shower- Not a water rinse, a baby shower! I really want to have a karaoke shower entitled, "Baby, You Were Born to Sing!" but my mom said maybe something else would be better. Then I suggested the Duck Tours around SF and she didn't respond to my text.

3. Find a pediatrician- Everyone suggests doing this and everything I've read said I should have done this last week. Oops. 

4. Prenatal Massage- I just love these!


Baby is the size of: A Grapefruit! 

Common Symptoms

Swollen Ankles and Feet: Nope. But this makes me wonder what shoe size will I be? Perfect 11 SF? Doesn't have the same ring to it. Maybe it's because at night I lay on the couch and put my feel up on the back of the couch- I do it out of habit but it also helps with blood flow.

Braxton Hicks Contractions: I don't think so. But how would I know?? I have nothing to compare it to.

Aching Back: Yes, but that's been my only symptom, but again, I had back pain before getting pregnant.

Bleeding or Swollen Gums: Yes (are people happy to finally hear a yes?!). My bottom gums bleed when I floss. I've also read that during pregnancy you can be more susceptible to getting gum infection or disease so I've been flossing and brushing my teeth a lot more. And rinsing with Listerine. I have a dentist appointment in two weeks- I cannot wait. I LOVE THE DENTIST! I always have!!

Fetal Movement: Yes! It's funny because I've gotten bigger but I have felt less kicks from Baby Petunia. I still feel them, but not as often. Maybe because she has more room in there? I am really grateful that when I felt my first kicks a few weeks ago, Jesse was able to feel them too. The other night it was soooo funny- I was laying down and we were watching my stomach move. Jesse was hooting and hollering because it was tripping him out!

Hearty Appetite: Well, yesterday I had a piece of toast, a cookie, a bag of gummy bears, a salad from La Boulange, a Haagan Dazs bar, and some lasagna- so if hearty means disgusting and unhealthy, than yes, hearty!

Snoring: Nope. But I do have a signature snore. Jesse and I always crack up about it. When I am really tired and napping I have a tendency to do one, REALLY loud snore and wake myself up. I usually sit up and say, "Jesse, did my snoring alarm clock go off?" and he says yes and we crack up. I haven't done this while pregnant. Maybe it's because I'm sleeping so well with my Snoogle!

Excited for: The new UCSF Mission Bay Hospital opened up yesterday. I am mostly excited for my friend Nina who is a Labor and Delivery Nurse and was part of the design team. I am happy for her and excited to have a wonderful experience!

Surprised by: I haven't had a heightened sense of smell! I was sort of looking forward to that.

Missing: Going in the sauna at the gym after working out. It's advised to avoid hot temperatures and I miss my daily steam sessions. 

Laughing about: Unrelated, but FRIENDS is so funny. Ross is so funny. Baby P loves to kick and move at night when I'm watching friends.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!!! 

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