Sometimes the way we see ourselves is a little different than how others see us. Luckily the interweb is full of quizzes that help us answer seven easy questions and enlighten us about our true self (*said sarcastically). Well, I love taking quizzes online and found one that I had to share on Perfect 10: Which Iconic Pair of Shoes Are You? The beauty of internet quizzes is that you can't cheat, unlike magazine quizzes where you can see the answers to the three a,b,c questions. I would always look and see what the best answer was and then go back and take the quiz. Mostly A's- yes, I'm definitely a "Don't Mess with Me" woman rather than Mostly B's "You Need to Work on Your Assertiveness" and the worst of all, mostly C's "You're a Pushover!".

From the quiz I was pleasantly surprised to learn I am the Manolo Blahnik Campari shoe! Especially because I used to have them in red before accidentally losing one (I call the time after that The Greatest Depression).

Here's what my shoe says about me:

Oooh.... looking good! You're the Manolo Blahnik Campari. You exude sexiness and class at the same time. You're sophisticated and intelligent, and despite your graceful appearance, you're confident in your ability to handle yourself in any situation. You've got expensive tastes, but you've also got the skills to pay the bills. Unfortunately, you smell like Sarah Jessica Parker's feet.

Take the quiz here and leave a comment about your results!