My sister claire got us this cute piece for the technician to fill out!

My sister claire got us this cute piece for the technician to fill out!

Well today is a big day! Jesse and I are heading to the doctor's today for the 20 week ultrasound. This is an exciting appointment because it marks the half-way point of the pregnancy and is when the sex of the baby can be identified, but only if the baby is feeling cooperative and is in a certain position. Hopefully Baby P cooperates today!

We definitely want to find out the sex, but I thought I would be far more impatient than I am right now. Maybe my New Year's Resolution of being patient is working (did you read that post? It's one of my favorites! You can check it out here)!

I must sound like a crazy person- Isn't everyone else dying to know one of the greatest surprises in life (finding out you're pregnant is truly the greatest one of all)- but I honestly feel like I could wait. Who knows how I will be feeling at the appointment, but right now I am feeling pretty patient. 

To be honest, part of me doesn't want to find out the sex because then I will have A LOT to do! I've been able to sail through the first twenty weeks pretty easily (which I am still VERY grateful for) and I know as soon as I find out the sex the to-do lists will start:

baby shower planning, registering (which I really don't want to do because it seems like such a big undertaking), birthing classes (which I actually really want to do, just not quite yet), and nursery decorating (I can't wait to do this but since we just got our couch on Friday [yay!!!!], I feel like I have so much to do in the other rooms), oh boy! and just the thought of having to start thinking about names is making me feel like this is all getting too real!! It sounds like I am complaining but I'm not, I'm procrastinating!

Jesse and I don't have any hard and fast rules on how we find out the gender. One thing that I think really helps our relationship and hopefully will be a blessing during the last months of pregnancy and help our parenting style, is that we are both extremely flexible and go into things with an open-mind. I've been like this my whole life and I feel like it has always helped me enjoyed every experience, rather than dwell on the fact that things did not go "according to plan".

Jesse and I both agree that if we find out in the office that's fine. If we can't tell from the ultrasound than we will ask the technician to write it down on the keepsake card that my very thoughtful sister Claire got us and decide when we want to find out. We're sharing the news with our families this weekend, so part of me wants to find out on late Friday night so that way I don't have to keep it a secret for the whole week. But then the other part of me wants to find out earlier and test my self-discipline to see if I can keep it a secret. I was pretty good at keeping the pregnancy a secret from friends, but this one might be a little bit trickier because people might apply the pressure since they know we're finding out.

So all in all, I am very excited but know that as soon as we find out the sex things are going to get even busier! Thanks for everyone's love and support! I couldn't keep this a secret from everyone who reads the blog, so please check back for the big announcement soon!!

So a quick update on the actual pregnancy!

Baby is the size of: A Banana and weighs 10.2 ounces. That seemed really light to me so I did some research and my iPhone 6 weighs 4.55 ounces, so when I hold my phone and Jesse's phone our little baby weighs a teensy bit more than that! It actually feels heavier than I thought.

Weight Gain: Check back on this one later because I haven't weighed myself this week. We don't have a scale at home and now is certainly not the time to go out and buy one!

Common Symptoms

Heartburn and/ or indigestion: Haven't had any heartburn and I feel like everyone has indigestion! Ha! But overall, I feel great and this hasn't been a problem or uncomfortable. If you do experience either of these it is recommended that you don't eat two hours before bed or you can prop a pillow under your back to sit up a little bit more and aid digestion.

Leg cramps: My legs have definitely been tighter because I've been walking around Stow Lake every day. Jesse and I went for a walk on Saturday and it was a dream to hear him say that Stow Lake is really growing on him!!!! You'll probably find me every day there on my maternity leave! It's truly my happy place.

Mild Swelling: Nope. Haven't experienced this.

High energy: Have you met me?! Nothing can ever take away my energy!

Complaints: Not much to complain about! My lower back is still hurting but I realized it's because I've been carrying my big Kate Spade tote everywhere with my laptop and entire life in there. It's making me have to walk all distorted with my back at a weird angle.

This isn't a complaint but here are of the things I really, really missed this week:

Running- I love to run but since I was pretty inconsistent the few months prior to getting pregnant, it's not something I want to take up again. I really miss the ability to just sprint! I've spent my whole life running around and it's been hard not to have that release. I've been sticking to low impact exercise like swimming and pilates.

Salami Sandwiches- Do you know I love salami! I eat it all the time but since it's not processed there is risk of it having a bacteria called listeria, which is dangerous for the baby. Jesse never ate salami before we met and the other day he had a salami sandwich and it was killing me!! It's probably the first thing I'll want to eat after I deliver.

Organized Sports- Jesse plays in basketball leagues two nights a week and I went to watch his game since the season started up and I felt really nostalgic about playing on our co-ed basketball. Not just because we won the championship, but because I love playing sports. I've been sitting out since finding out I was pregnant to avoid the risk of being hit or falling. I can't wait to bring our little bugaboo to the gym to watch Jesse play! If Golden Gate Park and Stow Lake are my happy outdoor place in the city, gyms in the city are my favorite indoor places. I'm not talking elliptical/ treadmill gyms- I'm talking gymnasiums for basketball and volleyball.

White wine- I haven't had a sip of alcohol since i've been pregnant (and I'm not judging anyone who has a glass or two occasionally) but I'm not much of a big drinker (anymore). My drinking habits changed three years ago when I started grad school. I was always so busy or tired that I never felt like drinking or dealing with the aftermath of even just one glass. When I met my friend Megan for dinner the other night at Palmer's on Fillmore (read the post here), it was the first time I felt like a glass of wine, but it was mostly because of the environment and the context of catching up with an old friend. Not drinking has been so much fun! I know, you probably think I'm crazy, but I love watching people drink! They slowly get more relaxed, say things without thinking, and do things they wouldn't normally do. Omg! It's so funny to watch people's body language change with each sip- I literally see them melting before my eyes as they relax their posture and their arms become more fluid (often knocking things over!). I realized that most people drink in social situations because it's habit or because it's uncomfortable not to. I've really enjoyed the benefits of not drinking!

Last but not least:

My body is finally changing! I know in almost all of my recent updates on the blog and on Instagram I've noted how my body hasn't really changed too much. Well, I finally noticed some changes and wanted to share! I haven't really noticed this things until now because the full-length mirror in our bedroom is ever-so-sightly at an angle that distorts my reflection and makes me look narrower. This was on accident, but I wasn't going to change it. :)

Here are the things I've noticed:

Butt: My butt is flatter! It looks like a pancake butt and definitely has more cellulite. Haven't noticed any new stretch marks since the ones from my teenage years.

Chest: Bigger, but by no means big. My sister (whom I will not name) always called my boobs "mosquito bites". Ha! They are bigger and I'll probably need a bigger bra at some point.

Stomach: Not too much of a bump, just a little pooch. I'm hoping that it stays around this size because I'm traveling in February and don't want to have to buy new clothes!

Arms: I thought my arms were the same size but then the other day I tried to lift something and I heard something rip! It made me laugh. I took off my shirt and thought it would be a seam in the back but it was under the armpits!!! Really made me laugh. I don't think I'll be laughing if my pants ever split, check back on that one with me!

Hair: Everyone says that your hair gets so beautiful and healthy during pregnancy. I haven't noticed a change so I asked my friend Michelle who owns Lyon Street Salon  (read this post about her) and she informed me that only new hair is the "healthy, pregnancy hair" so I've been studying that. I'll let you know if I notice a difference when it's a little longer.

Thanks so much for reading! What do you think? Are we having a boy or a girl. Guess and leave your comments below! 



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