Last night before the Rebecca Minkoff opening party on Fillmore, I joined my friend Megan for drinks (mocktails, don't worry) and dinner at Palmer's on Fillmore and Clay (right across from the Clay Theater- if you still haven't seen Rocky Horror Picture Show, you have to see it at The Clay!).

It was a nice spot to meet and catch up. Megan and I first met through mutual friends years ago! We recently reconnected because we are both expecting our first bundles of joy. It was fun to get together. Well, at least for me. Megan is due March 1st so is coming towards her last final weeks of her pregnancy, whereas I feel like I am revving up.

She was very patient as I asked her probably close to 100 questions about pregnancy. Looking back on it, it is probably best described as the date from hell that your aunt set up. I literally was asking her question after question. She was very knowledgable and patient and we were both laughing about the funny aspects of pregnancy.

Back to Palmer's: I like this spot because it's on Fillmore street but it's on a quiet corner and easy to get a table. The interior aims to capture the essence of Fillmore District's past. And boy do they. At one point I felt like I was at a Disneyland restaurant- only in the sense that careful attention had been given to every single details.

We split meatballs, brussels sprouts, and gratin potatoes. All of the food was delicious (although everyone knows I'm not much of a food critic. My one thing that I am particular about when it comes to food is temperature- I need everything piping hot!!!). I actually recommend Palmers for a drink. They have one of the most extensive bar menus I have ever seen.

I love Palmers because it's the perfect place to grab an after-work-drink or mocktail! Happy Friday!

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