Happy Wednesday! For the very first time since launching Perfect 10 SF I struggled with coming up with a title for this post. I know, it seems odd but there were several titles I was throwing around: Perfect Party, Perfect People, Perfect Product, Perfect Present, and Perfect Place. But after having the extreme honor and fortune to attend the glassybaby Hot Shop in Berkeley last week and meeting Lee, the founder of glassybaby, I knew that the title should be Perfect Philanthropy.

If you are not familiar with glassybaby than I am thrilled to introduce you to the wonderful company and amazing products. Most people learn about glassybaby by word of mouth or by being gifted one of their beautiful votives. I first heard about glassybaby from my older sister Caitlin almost three years ago. She had attended a work event at someone's home and they glassybabies spread through out their living room, purposing them as vases for small buds and votives with candles in them. She was so taken aback by the simplicity, beauty and versatility of them and had to ask the owner about them.

Caitlin texted all of us introducing us to glassybaby and all of us Curran ladies became the biggest fans. If you know us Curran women we always want to know the who and the what and the why behind stories. Upon further research we found out that glassybaby is based in Seattle where their votives are made on site. Caitlin began collecting them and has amassed quite the enviable collection. You might have seen that glassybabies were used as the center pieces at my baby shower a few months ago (you can see the original post here)!! 

Prior to the glassybaby store opening in San Francisco, I kid you not, Caitlin would send my sisters Colleen and Claire, who were living in New York at the time, to the glassybaby store in New York to pick out the votives.

glassybabies are $40 and 10% of each one sold is donated to charity, while certain votives go to certain charities. They have hundreds of colors and each one has a unique name and story. True story: when I was with my mom a few weeks ago at Stanford Shopping Center we popped into the new glassybaby store and I saw an oversized paperback book with a photo of each glassybaby and it's name and a story behind it. Wanting to "get all of the glassybabies" for Caitlin I picked up the book and almost walked out of the store with it because I thought it was a free catalog! God bless the high school employee who stopped me from stealing from charity!! We had a good laugh about it!

Fast forward a few weeks and I was delighted to be invited to the brand new glassybaby Hot Stop location for an opening party! I replied immediately and said, "YES! WE WILL BE THERE!". It was an absolute joy to have my sisters Caitlin and Claire join me, unfortunately Colleen was working. It was thrilling and rewarding to meet the founder Lee and her amazing team and handsome son who writes the descriptions for each Glassy Baby!! 

Lee is down to earth and runs glassybaby from her heart. glassybaby is a family company with family values and it was a dream to bring my family to this event. Caitlin and Claire even got to assist with the glass blowing process and made their own glassybaby bowls! As a surprise to my family I asked Lee to autograph the Glassy Baby book at the party!!!

I could go on and on and on and on about glassybaby, the wonderful evening we had, how amazing the new Hot Shop is, how friendly and generous the employees are, and how philanthropic the company is. 

One of the best things about Perfect 10 SF is having the special opportunity to attend events and meet wonderful entrepreneurs. Lee of glassybaby is unlike anyone I have met. The best way to describe her is genuine and my sisters and I were all truly inspired by her. I have felt my entire life that I would love to have my own company; truly start something from the ground up. Lee and her approach definitely influences the type of company I want to have!

I highly recommend that you visit the glassybaby Berkeley spot, stop by the location on Union Street, or send your sisters to New York to get you one, or two. Or three! You can help contribute to the amount given to charity, which is over $3.5 MILLION!!!!!! WOW!! 

glassybaby votives and tumblers make the best hostess gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, new job gifts, thinking of you gifts, anniversary gifts, just because gifts, and I love you gifts!! You really can't go wrong in giving a Glassy Baby. It is the only gift my sisters and I give one another now! Caitlin loves the blues, I love the reds, Colleen loves the greens, and Claire loves the neutrals! 

Read more about Lee and her story on the glassybaby website here!


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