Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! Yesterday was a big day for us as we celebrated the one year anniversary of finding out that we were pregnant!! You can read the full post here from when I announced our pregnancy and the story of how we found out. It is definitely worth the read if you have not heard the story before.

What an incredible year it has been!! Jesse and I could not be happier with our beautiful daughter and the joy she has brought to us. Writing my weekly pregnancy updates quickly became my favorite and I loved connected with readers, moms, and expecting mothers. I have absolutely loved connecting and reconnecting with old friends and have decided to write more about pregnancy, baby care, parenting, and emotional support because it is something I am truly interested in sharing. For everyone one post I write about babies and parenting, I have five that I want to write but do not want to seem like a know-it-all. 

After I posted this post about baby sleep I had the fortunate opportunity to reconnect with an old friend. She reached out to me and said how helpful it was. After that experience I realized that I should keep writing these posts even if it helps just one person feel a little comforted.

I hope everyone has a lovely week and enjoys this gorgeous weather we are having in the Bay Area!

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