Happy Thursday! One of the cool things about being a new mom is that you can strike up a conversation with anyone holding a baby. Last week I went to check out a chiropractor office in the neighborhood and met another new mom with a three month old baby. After my classic intro line, "How old is your baby?" we started talking, exchanged contact information and are going to get together sometime for a playdate. I have also met a lot of great moms online through Perfect 10 SF, Instagram, and the "Cool Moms" Facebook group. I was delighted when Jane of Bookroo reached out to me about her company Bookroo-- I am in LOVE with the concept!

Bookroo creates an experience that helps kids be excited about reading. Customers choose whether they want board books (best for ages 0-3), picture books (best for ages 2-6) or alternating, and then get a box of either 3 board books or 2 picture books each month. Each book is individually wrapper in high quality wrapping paper, and the children have the opportunity to associate the fun of opening gifts with books and reading.

Some really cool additional aspects of Bookroo:

  • Retail value of the books always exceeds the subscription price.
  • Company is a family company--3 brothers and their wives.
  • They send out excellent but less-well known books, so that Bookroo is a great option for even families with a lot of books.
  • If you get a book you already own, you can take a picture of yourself gifting it to someone else and get $5 off your next subscription.

We were fortunate to receive books as gifts from friends and families and have read all of them multiple times. I love the idea that with Bookroo you can get books that you would not have picked out and you can get fresh reading materials! Also, if you saw yesterday's post about my family you know that my siblings are very important to me. I LOVE that Bookroo was started by three brothers and their three wives!! How amazing is that!!!

Be sure to check out Bookroo for yourself or friends with little ones!!

Read more about Bookroo's wonderful and inspiring story here!!!

Sign up for Bookroo and get $4 off the subscription price!


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