Happy Wednesday (or whatever day it is that you stumble upon this post)! Whenever someone says they like my blog I immediately thank them and ask them what their favorite posts are. To my surprise, the most popular response is an emphatic "the posts about your family!". I am always shocked because I think, "really? my family?!". I absolutely love my family and they are such a huge part of my identity (hello, middle child) and life (I mean we see each other all the time), but I am genuinely surprised that people want to read about our silly antics.

I really wish that Perfect 10 SF featured guests posts from all of my siblings; we could each write a post one day a week and share lifestyle tips, stories, and more. But with everyone's busy schedules it is just impossible!

This photo is from Claire and Mike's rehearsal dinner a few weeks ago. Hard to believe that it has been a month since their big day!! This week's Q and A is answering the questions I get about my family from readers! Thanks so much for reading!!

What is everyone's ages and profession?

Danny, 35 Realtor at Coldwell Banker and Assistant Athletic Director, SVdP

Caitlin, 33 Executive Director at Bay Scholars

Me, 30 Founder Perfect 10 SF and Marketing and Social Media Consultant

Colleen, 27 Admission Associate at Bentley High School 

Claire, 25 Travel Services Manager SF MOMA and Founder of Claire Curran Events

Do you and your siblings ever fight?

No, not really. Especially now that we're older. We shared rooms growing up so there was natural conflict about shared spaces, but now we all get along.

What is your favorite family vacation?

We always loved going to Squaw Valley during the summer and rafting down the Truckee River. We did that before the industry was born (and subsequently gone). We also loved going to Disneyland together. That was probably our favorite thing to do. We used to go at least once a year. It was fun because it was a true vacation for everyone.

Who is your favorite sibling?


Describe each sibling in three words.

Danny: thoughtful, dedicated, playful, peacemaker

Caitlin: disciplined, witty, trailblazer, knowledgeable 

Colleen: amusing, carefree, engaging, adventurous

Claire: entertaining, caretaker, organizer, mature

Who is the most fashionable?

Hands down, Danny!


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Have a great day!