Happy Tuesday! Here is a look from over the weekend! Recently I have been getting a lot of emails from readers why I haven't been posting as many photos of my outfit of the day. Truth be told, after getting Lillian dressed, packing up her diaper bag and then loading up the car I don't want to carry one more thing and so our camera stays at home on the shelf. But that will change because I was saying to Jesse I want us to take a lot more photos of Lillian on our camera and not just on our iPhones. Also, since Jesse takes all of the photos of me for Perfect 10 SF it is hard to find a time to take them since he is so busy with BuildingConnected.

A lot of women think that styling the bump is difficult but I enjoyed it and was fortunate to still fit into most of the clothes in my closet. I remember thinking when I was pregnant that it was going to be so fun and easy to just throw anything I wanted to on postpartum. But I have actually found that it is much tricker to get dressed than I imagined! Sure I can technically "fit" into all of my clothes but they are ill-fitting around the chest and oddly enough, the arm holes. Plus, I did not even consider the fact that I would want accessible tops for breastfeeding.

My approach to postpartum pieces is "functional pieces that have some fashionable influence". Instead of my tall heels I am in fun flats or low heels (I wonder if I will ever wear 3 inch heels again??) and when I am not in athleisure wear, I wear a button-down top with either my J.Crew Pixie Pants or a skirt. I cannot wait to wear more skirts this fall with tights- it is probably one of my favorite looks!

Here are some other great skirts I am loving!