Happy Friday!! I hope everyone has a great weekend!! It comes as no surprise that I love Kate Spade- all of the pieces are playful, yet sophisticated. I also think that structured pieces are the most flattering of all, hence why I have always stayed away from flowy tops and skirts. I have had this classic pink dress for over three years and it is one of those dresses that I can pull out anytime and wear and (I think) it looks great. I wore it for our engagement photos, my bridal shower, and a handful of other events.

I was delighted to see this darling Kate Spade Baby dress the other day and had to pick it up for Lillian. One of my main regrets is that we have not taken enough "good" photos of her. Yes, my phone is full of photos of herbut I want more "professional" ones of her. Jesse and I are hoping to take some of her this weekend for our holiday card!

Here are some of my other favorite Kate Spade Baby pieces!