Sweater and Jeans c/o  Vineyard Vines

Sweater and Jeans c/o Vineyard Vines

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a great weekend! The Three Amigos (Jesse, Lillian, and me) headed out of the city to Bodega Bay for the weekend to get some quality family time. Whenever we have a free weekend we head to either my parents' house in Sonoma or Jesse's parents house in Bodega Bay. We are extremely fortunate to have these two getaway spots and love exploring Sonoma county.

Bodega Bay is famous because it is where Alfred Hitchcock filmed his iconic movie "The Birds". We love going for hikes, having Netflix marathons of Scandal and Modern Family, and cooking delicious meals. We love being by the water and hearing the fog horn on the bay and the ocean waves crashing on the shore. 

Honestly, I spend most of my time in Bodega Bay in sweatpants, no make-up and a hat and sunglasses. But on the rare occasion that I get dressed I like to do it right! I was first introduced to Vineyard Vines a few years ago when we were on the east coast for a wedding and saw everyone wearing polos and hats with a whale logo. I loved the iconic preppy style and wanted to incorporate it in to my wardrobe and picked up a pullover.

Fast forward a couple of years and Vineyard Vines returns into my life in full force! During my time at Sacred Heart Prep (read about that here and here) Vineyard Vines became the unofficial uniform of the Sophomore boys (now they are Seniors-- hard to believe). I was in charge of approving clubs and thought it was hilarious that they wanted to create a Vineyard Vines club! It was funny to see them in their bright colored shorts, whale belts and polos because it felt like we were on the east coast!

While I do think a VV pullover is a classic and a must-have for my weekend casual look, I love some of the newer pieces like my pineapple sweater (on sale now!!) . I also have been looking for the perfect postpartum jeans and was thrilled to discover the new fall denim available from VV. I am in love with this happy-go-lucky sweater and wear it at least once or twice a week. Actually it was this sweater that inspired me to incorporate more color into my wardrobe (as seen here). I love the high rise waist and dark rinse of the Harbor Wash Super Skinny jeans and they have quickly become my go-to jeans-- plus they are a great price for quality denim!

Check out some of my favorite Vineyard Vines pieces here:


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