HAPPY HALLOWEEN WEEKEND, Y'ALL?!?!?!?!!? I hope everyone has some fun plans!! I had to share these adorable photos from last weekend when we went to the most amazing pumpkin patch that was so darling and charming. Oh wait, no we didn't. This is a weird, sketchy pumpkin patch that is off of 101 in Marin, right next to the In-n-Out that we used to go to on the way home from playing Marin Academy in high school!! Hard to tell that this "patch" is actually a spot where they sell mini play homes for kids to play house in. And they don't even move the houses out of the way when the pumpkins come in to town, so spread through out the "patch" are houses! Anyone who lives in the bay area knows what I am talking about, right? 

We spent last weekend in Bodega Bay and were planning on stopping by a pumpkin patch to get some fun and festive photos but Lillian fell asleep in the car ten minutes before we reached Great Peter Pumpkin Patch on the Sonoma coast so we thought we would just keep driving. So we drove. And drove. And drove. And she was still asleep! So when we were heading closer to Tiburon I said to Jesse let's just go to the pumpkin patch near In-n-Out. We actually had to wake Lillian up when we got there-- she is a professional sleeper, more on that later-- but that is why her eyes look like a little doll!

It was fun to take these photos but I think it will be especially fun next year when Lillian knows what is going on. If it sounds like I am upset about going to that so-called pumpkin patch, I am not! Honestly, I just wanted a photo of the three of us since we do not really have that many!!! I think that the photo of Jesse and Lillian is my favorite of all time!!! <3 <3 <3

I feel like all parents can relate to this experience: you have a vision in your head of how something is going to go and then things get switched around for one reason or another. Variations in plans have never bothered me. I frequently laugh about something an old coworker said about me; she said that I seemed to not only survive, but thrive in chaos! Maybe being the Activities Director with 600 high schoolers prepared me well for motherhood!

I am sooooo excited for our Halloween costumes so check back later to see what we are going as!!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Please be safe!


PS- Gotta love my mom hair here!! I, too, fell asleep during the car ride home and woke up to take these pictures. I literally #wokeuplikethis 

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