Happy Tuesday! Did you see yesterday's post with the adorable photo of Lillian in those sunglasses? True story: Claire actually bought those for her honeymoon from J.Crew online and when they arrived and she tried them on they looked a tad small. Turns out they were actually Crewcuts, the children's line from J.Crew! We all had a big laugh about it!

I received so many emails and texts and have lengthy conversations about my post and the topic of sharing baby photos on social media. Parents or not, people had given a lot of thought to the topic and it was interesting to hear their perspectives. Ranging from "share everything" to "I don't post anything and so no one even knows I even have children"-- it gave me a lot of food for thought.

I have to explain a little bit more about where I was coming from since I have a slightly different perspective since I make income off of social media. The long and short of it is that the more followers you have, the more free products and payment you can receive for featuring them on your social media channels. And, I have found that a lot of companies want a more authentic photo and suggest showing my daughter in the photos with the baby products. That's where I had to stop and really think do I want to do this?! Essentially I felt like I was asking myself do I want to use Lillian to increase revenue? I got sick to my stomach thinking that I might even be in the category of dance moms/ show moms / mom agents and have made the decision not to post photos of Lillian on my Perfect 10 SF Instagram (instead I have found myself posting Noe Valley gems on our daily neighborhood walks).

I should clarify a little. I am mostly talking about Instagram here because that is where people do not know me at all and see a photo of my daughter for three seconds and then, in my opinion, get access to her but really do not care, have a personal connection or have even met her. I am more comfortable sharing photos of Lillian on my blog because I feel that readers make a deliberate choice to go to Perfect 10 SF and actually read the content and most likely have some personal connection to me or my family.

The strong emotional reaction I had was a big surprise to me and one that I continue to revisit. I have given great thought about the long term effects of sharing photos of children in a public forum but since social media is still fairly new we have no idea how children who have been "shared" their entire life feel about the whole thing. Facebook was founded in 2004 and I think maybe around 2007 it allowed anyone to join, not just those with a college email address. So, the oldest age of someone who was born in 2007 and shared immediately is 8- they are in 3rd or 4th grade and probably have no informed opinions about the matter. I want to know how they feel in 8th grade, high school, 20s and old regarding their entire life being documented for others to see.

Some people who see photos of Lillian will never meet her. The idea of people knowing what she looks likes and what she does without ever meeting her is hard to comprehend and honestly makes me want to protect her even more and not share anything.

So where does this all sit with me? It changes each day but I absolutely love seeing the photos of everyone else's babies and think it is fun to take a balanced approach to sharing photos of Lillian. Thanks SO much for reading!!


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