HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!! I am in a great mood this morning! We are off to the doctor's for Lillian's four month appointment where she will receive her second round of immunizations. Last time we went for her two month appointment she received the first round of immunizations and she handled them so well!

I had heard from Caroline and other moms that babies respond in either one of two ways: they are fussy all day or they sleep all day. Lillian was the latter and slept all day and I had to wake her up to fed her. I was worried about the timing because that night we had Claire's Bridal Shower but it ended up working out because Lillian was well-rested and I was comfortable having her stay awake for a longer stretch to join everyone at the party. Looking at the photos from the shower it makes me feel like I am looking at a yearbook because of the excitement we had and the big event that was weeks away. I love that this blog is a time capsule for me!

I was oddly surprised at the last doctors appointment at how I was pretty composed when they were administering the shots. I had heard from other parents that it is hard to keep it together and some moms have even started sobbing. It's not easy to do but Jesse and I have found that parenting is the balancing act of making short term versus long term decisions. The slight discomfort we all feel during shots is minuscule compared to what they protect against.

I wanted to share some more parenting surprises that I never would have expected:

  1. Baby laundry is loud. This shouldn't have, but it completely shocked me!! Every piece of baby clothes has zippers and snaps and when you do a load full of baby laundry the dryer is SO loud with all of the tiny metal pieces tumbling against the dryer.
  2. Time is a concept of days past. Almost every day I say to Jesse how is it almost 2pm? Revolving around a baby schedule is best for them but it takes some time getting used to not knowing what time it is.
  3. Sneezes are the cutest things ever. Melt my heart some more, why don't you. Yes, smiles are darling, I am not denying that, but for some reason Lillian's sneezes move me. If she is smart she will sneeze right before asking for something she really wants when she is older.
  4. Babies are the cutest in a white onesie. Maybe because they look like Gerber babies or because you can just focus in on their darling faces, but most days after fun outings or play dates we come home and I undress Lillian to her white onesie and snap photo after photo.
  5. I see all parents in a new way, especially mine. I have mentioned this before but I sometimes have these moments where I think about how much I love Lillian and now how I truly understand how much my parents love me.
  6. I miss Lillian when she is sleeping. We spend a lot of time together during the day but with her early bedtime we don't see as much of her at night and I really, really miss her (yes, even though she is just in her room).
  7. You cannot force anything. This is a good lesson to carry through parenthood. You cannot force your baby to roll over, sit up, or meet any other milestones. Babies move at their own speed and you cannot force them to do anything.
  8. I love white noise. I pay this when Lillian is sleeping and honestly I do not even hear it anymore. When my sisters got in the car they were like, "what is wrong with your radio?!?!" hahahah!
  9. How emotional we've become. I can be brought to tears by anything for things that are both happy and sad. I was pretty much crying my eyes out at the Christian Bale Batman movie the other day. I have seen this movie a handful of times and I know that concept of Batman, but watching the scene where he loses his parents was devastating! I have found that I have to avoid any movie with any sort of loss. So, yes, I pretty much only watch Pitch Perfect 1 and 2.
  10. How much I appreciate my older sister and her husband. I have a new appreciation for them and the way they navigate parenthood. They always make it look so easy!

Wish us luck at the doctors!


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