Happy Thursday! This is a late afternoon post because I was out late partying with Caitlin and Claire at the Glassy Baby Berkeley Hot Shop preview party last night!!! It was an absolute blast, but more on that later!! I need to write an entire post or two about the experience and the amazing work that Glassy Baby does!!

Lillian and I popped down to Burlingame this morning for a girls morning out and we stopped by Gap Kids because they had a big sign 40% off the entire store!! Usually there are exclusions to great deals like that but we were pleasantly surprised to find that was not the case. 

The timing could not have been more perfect because Lillian is growing out of her 0-3 month onesies (I think I mentioned that the other day) and my favorite basic onesies are the "My First Favorites" from Gap. They come in both short and long sleeve and in white, pink, and blue. They are usually $29.95 for a set of three which can add up. With the 40% discount I thought it was worth it to stock up and got a few of each- yes, even the blue. I don't really subscribe to the idea that baby girls should not be in blue. I love the blue stripe one on Lillian. I also got a few other items since such as cozy jammies, socks, and a pair of shoes! 

I highly recommend you go pick out some stuff for your little ones or as a gift to someone! The First Favorites are great presents for parents!