Happy Monday and Happy November! I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween weekend! It was so fun to see everyone's costumes on Facebook and Instagram! I love seeing how creative, resourceful, and original everyone is. The three of us went as the cast of Pitch Perfect 3-- Jesse and Beca get married and have a daughter named Bella! Originally I wanted to be Fat Amy and have Jesse be bumper but I did not want our photo to go viral and end up being taken the wrong way for making fun of Fat Amy. 

We had so much fun celebrating Lillian's 1st Halloween! My only regret is that we did not take more pictures. I am just grateful we snapped this one before the party really started!

It is hard to believe that it is already November! I swear it was just June and I was holding a newborn- how have five months passed already?! We are still loving every moment of parenthood and cannot wait to celebrate Jesse's favorite holiday, Thanksgiving and my family's favorite holiday, Christmas (my favorite holiday is Valentine's Day!!!).

Stay tuned for some exciting news later this week! I cannot wait to share!! 

Hope everyone has a great day!