Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! We had a blast this weekend! But then again, we always have great weekends! I have been enjoying my weekends so much more now that I do not have any obligations for graduate school. Oh my heavens, it felt like I only had Sunday for the weekend because of class or full-day in-sessions. I also love spending time as a little family and over the weekends we get big chunks of time together.

I love starting the weekend with a nice, relaxing Friday night. I cannot believe I used to go out on Friday nights! What was I thinking? I always see people at happy hours or bars on Friday nights and I am walking or driving past them just yawning. Saturday night we celebrated my cousin Mike and his new wife Ashley at their wedding. It was great to see friends and family and share in their special day. The wedding was at St. Cecilia's and the Julia Morgan Ballroom at the Merchant's Exchange Building. It was truly beautiful and the food was delicious!

I wore this pink Kate Spade dress (similar one here) that I got a few months ago when I was pregnant! I loved the fun color and the cutout on the back. I paired it with this Kate Spade scuba coat (last seen here) that I had my eye on forever and snagged a few months ago when it went on sale. I love that it is structured and medium weight material. It is the perfect option for throwing on over a dress when I do not want to wear a heavier coat.

This was the first time that I have been away from Lillian for so long (the last time was for Claire and Mike's wedding in September), but I knew she was in good hands with my in-laws! They had a blast together and Jesse and I were grateful to have a night out! Last week I saw my girlfriend Natalie at the ICA Gala and we were chatting and she asked me if I missed Lillian and I said no. The thing that most people probably do not know about me is that I am constantly thinking and reflecting about how I feel, what I say, and what I am thinking. I have a habit of texting people days or weeks later and saying something like, "I have been thinking about it and I actually meant to say...." or I will apologize to them or ask a follow up question. It might appear to others that I am hung up on something or have been obsessing about it since that conversation weeks ago, ha! But I am always trying to connect the dots and learn about myself, especially myself in relation to others. It is the psychologist in me-- wanting to know and understand better my behaviors and thoughts. I did not think it was possible but I have become especially reflective in the last couple of months because of my journey through motherhood.

So when Natalie asked me if I missed Lillian and I said no I tried to figure out why. And I realized because I usually put Lillian to bed anytime between 6:30pm and 7:30pm and then have time to myself or with Jesse that being away from her was actually normal. So having Natalie ask me that at 9:30pm after having put Lillian to bed and then gone out to the Gala was no different than being home with her sleeping in the other room. However, I did miss her on Saturday because I was away from her starting at 2pm and we love our days together. Is this making sense to anyone else but me?

What I am trying to say is that sometimes it is harder to be away from Lillian than other times. Also, I think it is hilarious that in the photo above in my purse is my breast pump! Ha! Gotta be chic and resourceful! My darling mother got me this Rebecca Minkoff purse for my birthday to celebrate the wonderful opportunities I have had with Perfect 10 SF, like meeting Rebecca Minkoff  (actually I have met her twice and was supposed to see her last week for the Polyvore x RM Insiders event but was busy), and wanted to inspire me to keep working hard! But I find it funny that I use it all the time for my breast pump- it is just the perfect size for carrying it around!

On a final note, the photo above is the type I call the "Lyon Street Salon to the Rescue" photo because when I look at it all I can see is how badly I need a haircut! Luckily I have an appointment Tuesday!!

I hope everyone has a lovely Monday!! Here are some of my favorite Kate Spade dresses that are similar to the one I have on!