Happy Tuesday!! We are in party mode over here!!! I thought I would share this photo of the leaning tower of Pedersens because a lot of people have been emailing me wondering what I have been up to. I get a lot of emails about my day, my career, and how I make money! Ha! So, I thought I would share this photo of my best friend and me hanging out!!

Q. What does your typical day look like?

Hmmm....this is a tough one because I really do not have a "typical" day. The only thing that I try to make sure I do each day is have a pastry of some sort in the morning and some sort of dessert at night (maybe I should just become a food blogger..ha).

I actually got this question a lot more when I was pregnant with Lillian and left my job at Sacred Heart Prep to focus on graduate school and my work as an elementary school counselor. On Mondays I would write some of my blog posts, write for the Right Start blog, exercise, take really long showers, read, read some more, read, and then if I felt like it do work for grad school. On Tuesdays and Fridays I was a school counselor at an elementary school. On Wednesdays I would usually meet with brands, entrepreneurs, or PR companies to talk about blog projects. On Thursdays I would go to a two hour meeting for group supervision in the morning and then I would have a one hour meeting with my individual supervisor.

Now that I have Miss Lillian and am finished with graduate school and am working as a consultant my days are quite different. It is pretty much 94% time spent with Miss Lillian and about 6% spent on my blog and business development when she is sleeping. This will change in the new year when Lillian attends day care three days a week.

For the past six months I have planned all of my days around Lillian and schedule in a few meetings here and there. I love taking Lillian to Baby Play class on Tuesdays and Music class on Wednesdays at DayOne Baby! At least once a week we try and go downtown to have lunch or coffee with Jesse.

I am not sure if I really answered the question (which I find frustrating when others do this), so:

4:30am-5:00am- Lillian wakes up for quick feed and goes right to sleep. I either stay awake and shower and read and write or get back in bed. Since the time change a few months ago (I swear I will get over it soon) I usually get back in bed because it is pitch black. Jesse is awake and is either heading to the gym or showering and heading to work. He is usually out the door before 7:00am. He occasionally leaves later than that but only if he was up late working.

7:00am- I wake up Lillian to start our day. I feed her, we play and laugh and talk about how we slept and I recount all of the events of the previous night. I explain our day to her. Sometimes I give her a bath or feed her some solid food. We listen to Michael Buble Christmas on repeat. 

8:00am: We bundle up (I throw on my Northface and Nike pants) and usually go for a walk to 24th Street. Sometimes if it is warm enough I will take her to the park to go on the swing. It is usually just the two of us and a few pigeons. We have created some of my favorite memories at this time! So special! 

9:15-9:30am: Change Lillian into new set of pajamas for her morning nap. This is the time when I try and get as much done as possible- shower and wash and dry my hair, get dressed, write, have phone calls, organize the house, read, work on stuff, write thank you notes, pay bills, order baby stuff on Amazon, and do three loads of laundry. 

11:30ish- Lillian wakes up. I might bathe her, it just depends. Then I get her dressed and we head out to our activity: class at DayOne Baby, lunch with Jesse, baby play date, Burlingame Ave visit, de Young Museum, walk along Crissy Field, field trip to Marin-- just something fun!

1:30pm- We are usually heading home at this point so that I can get Lillian ready for her afternoon nap. We usually read books, play some more, hang out and then I put her down anytime between 2pm and 3pm. Then I usually switch the laundry, do more work, clean the dishwasher.

4:00pm: We brave the setting sun and head back to 24th Street to get some groceries for dinner. We might stop at the park again or have a cup of tea at La Boulange. When we get home we blast the heat and play together. We laugh and giggle and Lillian plays with new toys. If the Warriors are playing we go to my parents house to watch the game with them.

Jesse comes home anytime between 5:30 and 7:00pm, unless it's Wednesday and he has a basketball game.

7:00-7:30pm: We get Lillian ready for bed and say good night to our sweet sweet girl. She sleeps until 4 or 5am and every once in a while will wake up at 2:30 or so for a quick feed.

8:00pm: Jesse and I eat dinner, catch up and laugh about funny things. We talk about BuildingConnected, the news, blog developments, our upcoming plans and the parties I was invited to for my blog but have declined to be home with Lillian. I usually shower, read, watch tv, and get in bed anywhere from 9:30-11:30pm.

A truly perfect day!


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