A special hump day post!!! I am delighted to share a little bit about a company I recently discovered, Nyme Organics. When I was pregnant I stuck to my tried-and-true products that I knew were safe, I mean, it was my first time being pregnant! I have heard that when you are pregnant again you let a lot of those advised warnings sort of slip away. I honestly doubt I will though because my imagination is so crazy that doing or trying anything that has a slight impact keeps me up all night. I am not a rule follower by any means, but when it comes to the healthy and safety of my little baby I am okay passing on the questionably pasteurized cheese, thanks.

But now that I am holding Miss Lillian in my arms as I type this, I have gone back to my adventurous self when it comes to trying new products! It is so fun to test lotions and oils to see if I like the scent and texture. I think in another life I was an official beauty product tester and editor.

I was grateful to be introduced to Nyme Organics by my friend Heather. Nyme products are affordable, made in the USA, and are all handcrafted in small batches in North Texas with ingredients sourced from small farmers and suppliers. I also love that Nyme Organics is also the first and only certified paleo baby skin care line and all products are gluten-free and vegan (except for the Bun Glaze and On The Spot since they have organic beeswax). The Teething Bracelets and Necklaces are the perfect gift to give to a sister or friend at a baby shower or even a stocking stuffer!!

What I love about Nyme Organics is that is was founded in August of this year by two parents and so you know it is made with love. I have found recently that a lot of the products I enjoy sharing with Miss Lillian are the ones whose genesis is love of a parent for their little one. 

Check out Nyme Organics today and stay tuned for their organic clothing in the new year!

Here are some of my favorite products:

Teething Bracelet/ Teething Necklace 

Rubbit Oil / Bun Glaze / On the Spot