Happy Thursday!! I am excited to introduce you to the coolest new website that my friend Sofia told me about: Honestly, when she told me about it I thought it seemed too good to be true. But she told me to try it and see it for myself! I am lucky she invited me because it is invitation only!! 

So what is makes it incredibly easy to try clothes from online stores at home. Now, instead of having to buy clothes up front, you can try them at home for free!!! You get 10 days from when you receive your clothes to decide what you want to keep or return. You only get charged for the clothes you decide to keep. All packages ship with a free pre-paid return label! Seems sort of obvious, crazy, and long overdue, right?

One of my favorite stores, and I am pretty sure everyone else's favorite , is Zara. The fast-fashion pieces are great for trying new trends (hellllo, jumpsuits) and seeing if they work with my style. But honestly shopping at Zara is super inconvenient for me. Does anyone else in San Francisco feel this way? My sister Claire always has the cutest stuff and when she says it is from Zara I think about how I can't wait to go there and see what they have in store. Buutttt, it's extremely difficult to get there, especially with all of the construction going on on Stockton Street ( I never hate on construction because it is all good news for BuildingConnected :) ).

So, I love that with I can select five pieces from Zara and have them shipped to my house just by installing and clicking on the Try button. lets you try everything on at home, which is amazing to see what you have in your closet (which is such a blessing because I feel like I always purchase one-off items that don't really go with multiple things in my closet).

You get 10 days after receiving your clothes to decide what you want to keep or return. When you are ready to return something, let know what you are returning in the Orders section. Follow the return instructions provided by the retailer and make sure you provide Try Customer service with the tracking number of your return!! is perfect for people who are:

  • Pregnant and do not want to leave the house
  • College students who live far away from their favorite stores
  • People like me who think getting to Zara is difficult
  • Tech savvy consumers who like to know all of the latest ways to shop
  • People who like to TRY new things!!!

Want an exclusive invitation to try the site?! click here today and use promo code perfect10sf!


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