One // And just like that, it's November! The orange and black have been replaced with the red and white of Christmas! I saw someone shared a photo that said, "only 7 Mondays until Christmas!" and if I think about it that way than it makes me feel behind on Christmas shopping!

Two // Did you see the 4-year-old girl Sullivan who dressed like her idol Hillary Clinton for Halloween and then even had the opportunity to meet her! You can read about it here!

Three // Once a month Jesse goes out to dinner with three high school friends and this month they went to Octavia and said it was delicious. Check it out if you are looking for a new restaurant to try!

Four // My achilles heel is not Prada loafers or Kate Spade dresses- it is Pottery Barn Kids!! Everything in there is so stinking cute that I honestly cannot say no to them. And it is like they know because two catalogs came to our house this week, one for me and one for Lillian. The holiday stuff is too cute and I cannot wait for our to celebrate our first Christmas with Lillian!!!

Five // I finally watched Inside Out and really enjoyed it and recommend it. Now I feel like I should watch all of the Pixar movies since Toy Story since I have not seen any of them. 

Six// I am so excited to take Lillian to swim lessons at La Petite Baleen. I have been looking forward to it for a few months but wanted to wait until I felt like she was a little stronger. I am excited to get in the pool with her and splash around. Based on her bath time behavior I am confident she will love it! I want to get her this adorable swim diaper for class!

Seven // The color I am most excited to wear this fall is olive. I love this TopShop romper in olive!

Eight // Cold weather means soup! I cannot wait to try this recipe from Real Simple- Southwestern Chicken Soup.

Nine // Stay tuned for some changes to Lillian's room! Since I know her better and her style I was thinking it was time for an update. I am going to pop by the Serena and Lily store on Sacramento Street to see what rugs and furniture they have. I can't wait!

Ten // Holiday cards!! I will be sharing our holiday card next week! It was hard to pick one photo but I think we did it!


caroline curran