Happy Tuesday!! I have been counting down the days to Thanksgiving, mostly until Jesse is on vacation, and they seem to be going so slowly! How is it only Tuesday? I am not complaining, but it seems like when I get it in my head that it is a short week, it ends up feeling really long!

To keep myself busy I have been playing with my Glassy Baby rentals!! I posted this photo on Instagram and my phone went crazy with friends texting me asking if I was hosting Thanksgiving!! While we are not having Thanksgiving at our house this year, I am excited to have friends over for dinner more often. On Sunday night we went over to our friends' Meagan and Shom's to watch the Warriors game and it was so much fun. But since Lillian has an early bed time we had to leave after the third quarter. I want to start having people over more often so that we can put Lillian to bed in her room and still hang out with friends. While I don't get as excited to cook, I simply can't help but have so much dreaming up fun place settings and table decor. The last time we had people over for dinner was when Kitchit came and cooked a special dinner for us. 

Rentals from Glassy Baby are so easy! You can pop into the new Union Street location or hop online and select what you what to rent. They are only $5 to rent!! That it such a great deal (are you listening party planners!!). I selected Cozy, Wet Dog, and Comfort for a fall tablescape. Honestly, I LOVE the way they look together!! Lillian and I stopped by the flower mart yesterday and looked at all of the fall flowers. It was really busy because everyone was picking up flowers for entertaining and I was scouting what everyone was getting and it was mostly cranberries, magnolia leaves, and hydrangeas. I wanted to get something different but still elegant. I love the way these white mums look like a big ole dallop of whip cream on our Kate Spade China!! I still need to get more ferns, I didn't want to commit to them before seeing them on the table but I love the way they gently decorate our gorgeous hand-made table from my father in law! As a special surprise to us he even wrote a little message to us on the underside and it means so much.

I am still working on the table setting and cannot wait to do another rental from Glassy Baby. I have a feeling that I am going to start treating Glassy Baby rentals like a library- upon each return I have to get an equal amount of new rentals. I am having a blast being more adventurous when it comes to color!! Most of my closet is black and creme! Even when it comes to purchasing a new Glassy Baby I stick within my comfort zone of greys and reds. Renting these votives made me step out of my comfort zone and honestly it has been so fun. I cannot wait to continue to push myself to bring more color into my every day life!

Here are some of my favorite Glassy Babies that are out of my comfort zone:

unconditionalsweet patootie / sweet pea / master of the universe

Have a great day!