Happy Thursday!! I hope everyone is having a great week! It has been a busy week around here, especially for Jesse. He and the BuildingConnected team have been working tirelessly on their new website. You can check it out here! Since he has been especially busy the past two weeks, Lillian and I have been making the journey downtown to his office to have lunch together. It is really funny to push a stroller around the heart of downtown because people either freak out and freeze or hold every single door open for you and give you the right of way for every step you take. It is really cool to see Jesse's office and growing team- they are over twenty five people!

Here are some photos of our Little Miss Lillian that I absolutely adore! I wanted to give a quick update on why I have been sharing photos of Lillian on social media because I wrote so many posts about it (here and here). Every time I am pushing Lillian in the stroller or have her in the carrier someone stops me and asks how old she is. I am not kidding- every where we go. I think it is sweet and, for the most part,  I am happy to engage with people, but it made me think that Lillian is out in the world and strangers are coming up to her. I am not hiding her from the world or "shielding" her from these strangers so I really shouldn't "shield" her from friends and friends of friends on social media. Does that make sense? I guess I had the revelation that there is such a blurred line between life and what we share on social media that I would rather share with loved ones than not share at all.

Things have been wonderful with our little angel and she turns five months tomorrow! Each day is so special and we love seeing her personality revealed to us. Someone asked me how I would describe Lillian and without hesitation I said independent, playful and funny. I can put Lillian down in her crib and she will just play by herself or with her toys forever! She is such a dream baby and sleeps so well. I have been hesitant to put it on here and have people hate me or to jinx it but I think sharing that she is a great sleeper can be an inspiration for other parents! This week has been a little different because of the time change. We decided this week that we would just let her sleep whenever and try and get her back on her rhythm next week. I will be sharing more about what we have been doing to help her sleep in another post! But maybe the secret is the adorable gingham sheets from Pottery Barn Baby!!!

It's probably no surprise that I love the HEART and BOW Print sheets!!!

They are having a promotion now on crib sheets- 15% off when you buy three with promo code CRIBFIT.


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