Happy Friday! I was looking at photos of me from this time last year and it so funny to think that I was pregnant! It seems like such a long time ago, especially since Lillian is five months old today! What a dream these past five months have been! We honestly could not be more in love with her.

In the photos I noticed that I was wearing all black, all the time. One of my post-partum desires is to wear lots and lots of color. I always wore so much color when I was in college in San Diego and I want to get back to it! My closet is divided in to two sections: every day pieces and formal wear. The other day I was standing there looking at everything and almost all of my every day wear is black, with the exception of this neon coat (last seen here, here and here)!!! I LOVE this neon coat and it has inspired me to make conscious efforts when shopping; my initial unconscious habit is to go for the black and white item. Now I say to myself, "what other color can I try?"

On the left is what I would normally go for and on the right is what I am currently interested in!


Fashioncaroline curran