Happy Monday! I stayed in bed a little later than normal today because of the thunderstorm we are having in San Francisco. Our house is sooooo cold and I have a little bit of a runny nose!! Last night Jesse and I were like two sardines in bed trying to stay warm! Hopefully our new bedding arrives soon! Since this is the first real rainy day of my maternity leave I am not sure if we are going to stay home all day or venture to a museum or mall. I would love to hear suggestions from friends about what fun activities do with your little one when it is raining!

We had a lovely weekend celebrating great people! On Saturday our dear family friends Maureen and Olin got married at St. Cecilia's Church and had their reception at the beautiful Kohl Mansion, which is also the location of Mercy Burlingame High School. They had a lovely ceremony and elegant reception. It was fun to dance with my family all night! Jesse was dad of the year at home with Lillian! He had so much fun with her. I have been asking him to write a post on what it means to be a father so stay tuned! On Sunday we celebrated my dad's birthday! It was fun to get together with family to celebrate such a great father!! You can see my previous post about Timoteo here!

You might remember this red Madewell dress from a previous post-- yes, I wore it when I was 37 weeks pregnant! I am trying to pull as much stuff from my closet instead of buying new things because my postpartum body is still changing. Every mother I have talked to says the same thing: their clothes fit but not in the same way. The biggest change for me is that my rib cage expanded!!! None of my structured dresses fit comfortably like they did before. I am not complaining, it's just a fact. I am grateful for every aspect of my body and have enjoyed experiencing the changes it has, and continues to go through! I almost did not wear this dress though because my sister (guess which one) said that she read only b#tches*** wear red to weddings. Oops! Did not know that!

I hope everyone has a great cozy day!


**First and last expletive I have ever used on Perfect 10 SF.

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