HAPPY TUESDAY!! I hope everyone is staying warm and cozy in this cold and wet San Francisco weather. I absolutely love it! Yesterday my friend Rachael texted me asking about the heater that I had mentioned previously here. And it got me to think about all of the products that I have learned about through from other moms, including Rachael. She is the one who told me about the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit, which I never would have discovered on my own! 

So when they say, "it takes a village", it really does! See my recommendations for products on this previous post and below are the perfect products I have learned about from friends. Let me know if you have any product suggestions!

Kathleen told me about:

  1.  Medela Micro-Steam sanitizer bags to clean breast pumps and bottles. I love that they are small and disposable. I highly recommend these and are perfect for traveling.
  2. Stokke Trip Trap High Chair. I haven't even looked at high chairs yet, but this is the first one when I do!

Rachael told me about:

  1. Merlin Magic Sleepsuit and how it is the perfect transition after your baby grows out of a swaddle but still has a little bit of the Moro reflex and wakes themselves up. Lillian did not like this but I have heard amazing things about it from other moms.
  2. Oogie Bear nose cleaner. I have not tried it but it seems helpful!

Jill told me about:

  1. Lamaze Stroller Toy: After Lillian stole Lily's Lamaze Stroller toy, I quickly purchased Freddie the Firefly for Lillian. It is bigger than her other toys and it truly captivates her attention. It is a great gift for a shower because it is so colorful and bright (but toys are not really used until three months of age).
  2. Summer Infant Carseat Cover: These are great because they fit perfectly over your carseat. I had been using blankets to cover Lillian when she was sleeping and decided something more light weight and with UV protection was better so I purchased the UppaBaby UV cover.

Jenna told me about:

  1. Summer Infant Tiny Diner Portable Diner: Jenna gave this gift to me at my baby shower and said I would need it. I am looking forward to using it in the next couple of weeks when Lillian starts to eat solids! 
  2. Kate Quinn Kimono Onesie: Jenna gave us this darling pink onesie  before Lillian was even born! It is so cozy and easy to put on. The kimono style onesie is great for parents who are still getting used to dressing newborns.

My friends have given me so much more than just product recommendations and I am forever grateful for their friendship and to share in motherhood together.


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