Happy Wednesday!! I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! I got a few emails asking if I was taking a prolonged hiatus from Perfect 10 SF because I had not posted in over a week (thank you to everyone who emails me-- I really appreciate it!). I had not realized that it had been that long because I have been wrapped up in other projects and enjoying the start of December with Lillian!

I have mentioned this before, but In just a few short weeks Lillian will be starting day care three days a week!! I am so excited for the both of us! It really seems like an ideal situation! From the photo above, taken earlier this morning, you can see what we have been up to: hanging out and loving life in our coziest, most basic and unfashionable outfits. I never really considered myself a fashion blogger and I think this photo with my men's BuildingConnected t-shirt with my Marine Layer reversible ragline sweatshirt and Northface jacket seal the deal that I am most definitely not a fashion blogger! Oh, and not pictured are my Old Navy maternity leggings that I pulled out of a drawer because all of my active wear clothes are in the dryer!! Lillian is wearing her pajamas from last night and a hat from a friend. Surprisingly one of the hardest things to find that I like are hats for Lillian. The sizing seems to be off and everything is either too big or too small. The BEST hats are the newborn ones from the hospital because they are stretchy and so cozy. If you are expecting, get extra from the hospital or order one off of Etsy. My belief is that your baby should be wearing a hat at all times for the first month.

(Sidenote: A lot of people ask what happens to the clothes I wear in some of my posts. Well you can see I still have this Marine Layer sweatshirt and often times wear it around the house or on walks for an extra layer. Most of the other clothes I either wear, give to my sisters and mom, sell at Crossroads, or donate. It is so funny to see these old photos of me from previous posts!!!)

Although I have not been posting this past week I have been thinking a lot about things I wanted to share with readers: how to start a blog, how blogs make money, my thoughts on motherhood before having a baby, and what I splurge on. Stay tuned!!

What you can tell from the photo above is that we are having fun!!! Being a mom is the absolute best and I know I sound like a cliche when I say that, but it really is amazing. Every day Lillian grows a little more and as I see the changes all I can think is how wonderful the whole experience is. Miss Lillian is sitting up and smiling and stringing laughs together, not quite a giggle yet. She is so full of joy and honestly, is so easy. I have loved everything that I have learned and a few weeks ago started a new blog LOOK AT OUR CITY to share parenting tips. With very little time to work on it, expect more posts and content in the new year!! I also will be starting a new job in February, which I am VERY excited about!!

I hope everyone has a lovely day!! Thanks so much for reading Perfect 10 SF!!! I really appreciate it!


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