I am happy to say that I am pretty much finished with our Christmas shopping!! FYI a lot of bloggers try and suggest items to you for the holidays so that we/ they can make commissions. I am not here to do that. My family rarely gives gifts during the year and Christmas for us is all about being together and spending all days in pajamas and laughing. Here are some great starting points for gifts that I think anyone and everyone enjoys!

These are my go-to gift giving items for friends and family.

Books- Who doesn't love a good book?

Glassy Baby votive- These are the BEST gifts to give! This is what my sisters and I give one another! It is fun to have something to collect too!

Pajamas- Target to Old Navy to J.Crew to Bedhead to Christine, I honestly think pajamas are the best gifts!

Slippers- These are a must! I got Jesse men's Ugg slippers years ago when we were first dating for Christmas and he still has them and wears them all of the time!

Tickets- Concert, play, or lecture tickets are great gifts!

Memberships- Know someone who would love a membership to the Zoo, de Young or Exploratorium? Now is the time to get it for them.

Chanel- Let's be real. Chanel is always a great gift. :)

Anything on EtsyI love shopping on Etsy and supporting small businesses, especially the ones who are owned by women!! Gotta love women with a side hustle or main hustle!

Cozy Sweater- Love this one from Brochu Walker.

Starbucks giftcard- Well, a giftcard to any store is great! My siblings and my cousins all do a white elephant giftcard exchange and it is really fun!!!You bring a giftcard and you get to pick out of the stocking with the white elephant rules where you can steal a card from someone else! It is actually very fun!!

Workout clothes- Perfect gift as everyone renews their workout plan in the new year!

Have fun selecting gifts for friends and family to show them you care!!!




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