Happy Friday! When I go back and look at my pregnancy updates I can clearly see several places in which I state that I don't notice a difference in my hair. Fast forward to six months postpartum and wowza!!! it feels like I have a different head of hair all together. 

Growing up I always had long hair with a bow in it. Aside from the few times I chopped it all off (once in fifth grade and again after we got married), I have had two styles: down or in a pony tail. I've never been an up-do person, I don't wear a lot of braids, and I definitely never rock the top knot (I wish I could it just doesn't look good on me). 

Since my hair was always so easy I never really had to learn how to control it. It always just worked for me and never took a lot of time. But I have always been fascinated by hair- surprisingly, it is always the first thing I notice about other women. I love reading about hair care online and in magazines. But luckily for me, one of my very best friends is a talented salon owner! Whenever I see my friend Michelle at her salon Lyon Street Salon I always ask her a million questions about hair techniques, products, and especially the best way to care for my changing hair.

About two months ago she asked me if my hair was falling out because of the sharp decrease in pregnancy hormones that usually happens four months postpartum and I nonchalantly said no. Well I must have jinxed myself because honestly when Lillian turned four months and one day old my hair just started shedding and shedding and shedding! I was so surprised! Since I have such a thick head of hair it was a real treat to get rid of some it-- it really look a lot of weight off of my shoulders (pun intended).

I know a lot of women do not enjoy this part of postpartum changes because they already have fine hair, but do not worry! Michelle told me it will grow back in!! And she said it is important to go to a hair dresser at this point to help cut it to camouflage the short hairs! She also said don't be surprised if your texture changes for a few months too, it will eventually go back.

In the meantime I have been using Bumble and Bumble's Hair Dresser's Invisible Oil line to treat it!


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