Before the holidays I took Lillian to a few Baby Play classes at DayOne Baby. The instructor said to make sure we put our little ones in comfortable clothes and take off their socks. Babies learn to crawl and walk by using their feet to feel around, grip the floor, steer, and propel themselves. I loved hearing this advice because honestly with the colder temperatures I had been bundling Lillian up, especially in footed pants and onesies. 

About halfway through the class I turned to my friend Jill and said these mats are great, I need to get some. She said our friend Brooke got a custom design to match her decor and has them in her living room. I liked the idea of a custom design and envisioned having 'Lillian' or 'LJP' letters but after seeing that I had to submit my room measurements and work with a representative my impatience got the better side of me and I hopped onto Amazon to see what they had. 

Luckily I stumbled upon these great SkipHop tiles in white and grey-- perfect for our nursery (ps- our nursery looks nothing like this. We took down the frames because I was afraid they would fall on Lillian during an earthquake and we moved the changing table [which I actually hope to get rid of entirely because Lillian rolls around so much] and I have removed a lot of the little trinkets)! 

If you have seen photos of Lillian over the past couple of weeks you will see she is always on these tiles. We absolutely love them because they are chemical free, easy to set-up and take down (we took them with us to Bodega Bay for the weekend), easy to clean, and easy to change the pattern. I loved our grey zebra rug but when Lillian started really moving it was difficult to keep her off of the hardwood.

These mats have been by far one of the best purchases and a real game changer for Lillian. I am convinced she is moving about sooner than she would have if she was solely on carpet. They let her slide and glide all over the place. We started with one set to make sure we liked them before ordering a second. At $79.00 a set they are not inexpensive but they are a great value and much cheaper than buying a carpet (I was looking at carpets and they were $329+).

Had I known about these earlier I would have put them on my registry and not purchased a rug for the nursery. I cannot recommend them enough!


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