Did you know this is what Squarespace looks like? I pretty much live here!

Did you know this is what Squarespace looks like? I pretty much live here!

Happy Friday! I wanted to give readers a behind the scenes look of Perfect 10 SF and share some fun things that I have been working on. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about Perfect 10 SF-- whether it be the content, ways to improve it, developing the business side, making new contacts, learning from businesses, integrating what I have learned from Jesse, making adjustments based on reader feedback, and the future of Perfect 10 SF.

Since having our Little Miss Lillian in June I have enjoyed writing and sharing even more. The challenge has always been finding the perfect intersection of timing and motivation, especially since this time change!! Writing in the pitch black at 6am or 6pm is way too difficult! I hope others can relate to my constant desire to hide under a fleece blanket and drink hot chocolate all night.

Lillian is currently taking a two hour nap and it has given me a large chunk of focused time to make some long overdue improvements to the site!

I hope you check out the streamlined categories: LIFESTYLE / PREGNANCY / PARENTING / FASHION. I even added a separate page about my family- CURRAN FAMILY if you want to solely look at what everyone is up to. I have also updated part of my ABOUT page!

I removed my SHOP page and you will probably see less products on the site in general, unless I truly believe in them or the company.

Also, I have been thinking about my New Year's resolution already. Yes, I know it sounds crazy but I carefully select a resolution that challenges me to grow and thrive. I will be sharing them in greater detail soon because I am still formulating them but I am thinking about health, discipline, photography, professionalism, and adventure.

Finally, I have loved every moment of Perfect 10 SF and last night at 3:23am I had a moment of whether or not I should continue with it. I say it all the time, but I have absolutely loved the people I have met and experiences I have had and woke up this morning knowing that I needed to make a change. Sometimes instead of giving up, or even just consider giving up, it is best to approach things with a clear mind and positive attitude. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this streamlined and accessible version. I equate it to the similar feeling I have when our home is spotless. When things are in order I feel in order. Perfect 10 SF is my online home and I finally feel like we are moving towards spotless!!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this! Please share with friends and family!! And keep emailing me!! I love it!

I hope everyone has an absolutely, positively fabulous weekend!!!!!!!!!!!


Maybe it was this video I watched this morning that made me laugh and move forward with the necessary changes. #youcanseeboth

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