Socks c/o Trumpette

Socks c/o Trumpette

Happy Monday! This morning we had Lillian's six month check-up and everything looks good! The only funny thing was that her socks kept falling off as we were driving there, walking in, and walking out. Asking all parents, does this happen to your little one?

I have found that it is actually easier to dress Lillian in tights and put socks over them. My favorite socks and tights are from Trumpette because they are cute with their little details. I think this box of twelve socks is PERFECT as a gift for a friend who is expecting! You can find Trumpette socks at Nordstrom and other boutiques that carry children's clothes and accessories.

They are about $26.00 (this set for boys is on sale!) for a box of six pairs and all of the pairs that Lillian has have been given to us as gifts. They make a great gift for the holidays!!