Happy Tuesday! This past weekend I had the privilege of attending a dear friend's baby shower. Seeing her all beautiful, excited, and eager to welcome her baby brought me back to being pregnant. Although it was not that long ago, some memories are starting to fade. I had such a smooth pregnancy that I don't think I took full advantage of playing the pregnancy card.

Here are some things I wish I had done while pregnant:

  1. Had store employees carry my groceries to the car. Every time the friendly checker and bagger asked if I wanted assistance carry stuff to my car and I always declined. I should have gotten help.
  2. Remake a dish. When we were out at a restaurant I would eat around everything I wasn't supposed to have while pregnant and it would have just been easier to modify or have a new dish.
  3. Cut in line. Maybe from my time in Mrs. P first grade class but I never cut in line. With a big belly I think you have an excuse to (especially when it comes to using the restroom).
  4. Stay in bed all day watching movies. Aside from my sinus infection I was pretty much out and about working, going to school, writing or walking. I wish I would have picked a few days to just stay in bed all day and do absolutely nothing except watch Ellen and Who's Line is it Anyway highlights on Youtube.
  5. Get weekly mani/pedis. It can be tricky to get to the nail salon postpartum and I wish that I had gone more during my pregnancy.

Anything I missed? Feel free to add!


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