Merry Christmas Eve!! If you need some last minute wrapping paper inspiration you can borrow my idea-- I wrapped all of my family gifts in Food4Less advertisements! HAHAHAH!! I solved two problems: how to save time wrapping small presents and how to repurpose the flood of ads we receive in our mailbox!!

Do not worry, I was not hasty in wrapping them. I carefully matched each family member with products I felt fit their personality! It was actually quite fun to wrap these presents and I had a flashback of my childhood when I would take out the stack of shiny packets of advertisements and flip through all of them until I got to the custom checks page. Oh my gosh, was I the only child that wanted custom checks?!? That was such an exciting thing at the time!! 

Wrapping the presents, reminiscing about custom checks, and basically laughing the whole time sums up the spirit of the season for me! I cannot wait to see the looks on everyone's faces when they see these presents. I do not think they are going to be surprised because I do wacko stuff like this all of the time. It also encapsulates how I felt in starting this blog-- it's the funny, quirky and self-deprecating things that matter!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve!!


This post was not sponsored by Food4Less. Lol.