It was such a treat to be invited to the Kate Spade Fall 2015 Presentation during New York Fashion Week that when I received the invitation I didn't have to do anything more than give Jesse a look for him to know it was something we just had to do! I was lucky to be invited to a few shows in addition to Kate Spade, including Mara Hoffman, Herve Leger, Kempner, Lela Rose, and the Academy of Art, but with our busy schedule I was only able to attend half of them- I guess I will just have to go back in September!

It was hard to keep it quiet that we were going back for fashion week- I think I only told my family and a few friends. Mostly because I didn't want to jinx anything. Sometimes I can be very superstitious (how do you think we won the State Championship in basketball my senior year?!). For the past few weeks I was so worried about weather complications, a false invite, or getting the days wrong (I do that a lot) and missing the show! I think my excitement finally set in as we were driving to the show when I realized what was happening.

I think presentations are a lot more fun because you can walk around at your own pace, mingle with others, and try to get the models to smile back at you!! I had every single model smile back at me, probably because I was grinning ear to ear at the overwhelming sense of gratitude that I felt for this experience. I have to say the Kate Spade presentation had the best energy! Everyone was smiling and delighted to be there seeing the new fall looks. It felt a lot like the way people feel at Disneyland!

The models were standing on white blocks in a curved shape and you could just walk around. Waiters in tuxedos were coming around serving the models water and candies out of crystal dishes. A pianist was playing a Steinway in the corner and Creative Director Deborah Lloyd and stylist Brad Goreski were walking around answering questions. 

My favorite looks are above, but I especially love the fur muffs, the sequined black coat, the blouses with large bows, and the leather vest. While most Kate Spade collections have a sense of "you can look at me, but don't touch", this collection is very accessible with the patterns and materials. The textures appear to be softer and invite you to touch them, especially the outerwear.

It was an amazing morning and I am so grateful that i was able to attend!! I loved having this opportunity with Jesse. Everyone loved him in his gingham shirt and red bow tie!! The only think that could have made it better would have been having my sisters and mom with me!! Thank you Kate Spade for having me!


GIVEAWAY TIME!!! I had so much fun in New York at the Kate Spade show, that I thought everyone should have the chance to have a little Kate Spade in their life!! Enter to win this Kate Spade purse and more- just head over to my Instagram account to enter!