A lot of people email and ask what my typical day is like (I'll be sharing that soon), what exercise tips I have during pregnancy (I'm just about to start at Avant Barre), and my favorite spots in the, I thought I would answer all of those questions because they all have a similar answer!

I got in the habit of going for long walks along the beach (I swear, it's not a pick up line) when I was in college in San Diego and lived at Mission Beach. Practically everyone from USD lived in the run-down and over-priced beach rentals during the school year and as a result, we were all within walking distance of one another, the beach, and the bars. The streets in Mission Beach are in alphabetical order and it was always fun to walk from Andover down to Cohasset to Deal (where I lived), all the way down to Zanzibar. Any time of day you could bump into anyone from USD- it was our unofficial campus. It wasn't uncommon to run or walk a couple of times a day. The best was actually hopping on a beach cruiser and riding back and forth.

Since moving back to San Francisco after college, I've kept my walking up (I used to run too, before I was pregnant) and have some favorite spots that I wanted to share. On any given day, you can see me walking with my headphones on in all black workout clothes (did you see my post on Old Navy Maternity Active Wear?) and colorful running shoes. My favorite shoes in the world are running shoes- I have a closet full of them. I feel most comfortable and like how they signal to others that I am an athlete! Ask any of my friends at USF, I'm usually in black pants and sneakers for class (I often think they're all in disbelief that I have a fashion blog! Ha!)

My favorite spots:

Lake Merced // It's 6 miles around this urban lake and it was perfect when I was training for a half marathon. I haven't been out there in the last couple of months because I like to do the entire lake and I think that's a little too much for me right now being pregnant.

Golden Gate Bridge // Everyone loves Crissy Field and the Marina Greens, but I absolutely love walking across the bridge. I always find it odd when people don't take advantage of it. When I lived in Pacific Heights (during my Carrie Bradshaw-like single days), I would walk the bridge at least once a week. It's 1.6 miles each way so it was the perfect distance. It would be me and all of the tourists and I would always stop and offer to take their picture.

Golden Gate Park // If you follow me on Instagram you probably feel like I'm always at Stow Lake. Truth be told, I wish I was! It's only 1 mile around the lake and there are clean bathrooms and a nice snack bar. I try and do 3 laps around but sometimes only have the time or energy for 2. I CANNOT wait to be out there every day pushing the stroller with our baby girl!

Embarcadero // I always love walking along the Embarcadero, starting at the ball park and stopping at the Ferry Building and making my way to Pier 39. It's especially my favorite on warm nights because it is so well lit and the view of the Bay Bridge with Bay Lights is breath taking.

Noe Valley // Luckily Jesse and I live about a mile away from 24th Street in Noe Valley. I love to come home from school or meetings and throw on my shoes and walk to 24th Street. I was telling Jesse that when our baby girl arrives I want to spend a day walking around each San Francisco neighborhood with her in the stroller so she can be a real city gal!

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