I am SO excited to share the details about our experience with Kitchit Tonight! If you follow Perfect 10 SF on Instagram, you probably saw photos from the dinner party we hosted Friday night with the help of Kitchit! We had an absolute blast and I cannot wait to do it again. Since Kitchit Tonight is only available in San Francisco, I felt even more excited to use their services!

Jesse and I have been wanting to have people over to our new place (we moved in November!!) but were waiting until we got the last piece of our new couch- it finally arrived last Monday! As soon as the couch was complete, I texted Shom, Meagan, Sheila and Roman and invited them over for dinner on Friday night. I figured it was a long shot because everyone is always so busy, but when they said they could make it I was over the moon!

While I have been enjoying cooking recently and feel confident cooking for Jesse and me or my family, I wasn't quite ready to host a full-on dinner party. In the past I've often felt that my inability to cook has made us miss out on quality time with friends. I absolutely love entertaining and having people over, but you can only serve light appetizers to your friends so many times before they're over it! My goal is to have a dinner party by the end of the summer (I feel like that gives me time to practice my cooking, have a baby, and then host!). My secondary goal is to have a dinner party and invite my friend Nicole of Kindred Table (I've mentioned her before here and here) and get her feedback! That would be so much pressure to have her over, but since her company is all about bringing people together to learn, share, and savor, I think she'll be supportive! Plus, she is the nicest person ever.

Kitchit was the perfect solution to my re-occuring problem: wanting to have people over and only serving pita and hummus! I simply booked the meal online by reserving the date and time, inputing our location, and selecting from the three menu options. Maybe it was because I was SO happy to be back from freezing NY, but I immediately went with the California Comfort menu. Booking online was so easy and I even love that Kitchit has a page on their site that I could customize and send email invites to guest with the menu and directions to our house. It was also very easy to send a note to the chef about dietary restrictions.

So the day of the party was a breeze! I'm normally running around trying to make sure that the food is okay (read between the lines-- what I mean is that I make sure I'm not serving just carbs), that I have enough of everything, and that the place is clean. Instead I was painting my nails and reading. Our chef Shannon was amazing! She called me around 6:30pm and said she was on her way. She arrived promptly at 7:00pm and brought everything she needed- we just provided basic kitchen tools. The kitchen instantly smelled delicious as she began preparing our dinner. Since our kitchen can only seat four comfortably, we ended up huddling around our ottoman in our living room and lounging about as we watched the Warriors beat the Spurs! 

It was such an absolutely perfect party! I loved having the opportunity to catch up with our friends in our home and not at a busy restaurant or loud bar. We always have so much fun together, but this night was extra special and it wouldn't have been possible without Kitchit Tonight!

We all appreciated Shannon's expertise and flexibility. She allowed the evening to be a blend of a seated dinner and a cooking demonstration. She even let us all stand over her shoulder drooling as she made beignets for dessert.  We all just stood in the kitchen eating the beignets with chocolate and powdered sugar all over our hands and faces!! 

I am so glad we tried Kitchit Tonight and I can't wait to do it again. I was thinking whether or not you're a fabulous cook, it's such a treat to have a chef prepare a delicious meal while you sit and visit with friends and family. Oh, I didn't even mention the best part! Kitchit doesn't just cook you a great meal, they also clean up. Shannon left our kitchen spotless!

It was a perfect party and I can't wait to do it again!!!! Especially when our little baby girl is here!!

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A special thank you to Kitchit for sponsoring this post! It's great to partner with amazing companies!

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