Recently I have been loving polka dots! Remember my post a few weeks ago with this blue polka dot top (it's funny to think that at the time of that post I didn't know the sex of our baby!)? Sadly I've grown out of that top because of my baby bump. I texted all three of my sisters to come over and raid my closet and grab whatever non-maternity stuff they wanted to borrow and I think that top got swooped up. Colleen left with honestly four bags of clothes! I am glad that she will be enjoying them.

It seems like I've swapped that Ann Taylor polka dot top for this black and white polka dot sweater from Old Navy Maternity.  I was looking for a black sweater to wear when I am working as a school counselor to conceal my bump. I was so excited when I saw this polka dot sweater because I thought it would be a great twist on all-black. Plus, polka dots are an instant mood booster!

I am absolutely in love with these large polka dot pieces from Kenzo. I guess my philosophy is the bigger the bump, the bigger the polka dot! I'd love to squeeze into one of these perfect polka pieces!

Also- did you read my 26 weeks pregnancy update from Monday? You can read that here! I hope everyone has a lovely Wednesday! It's Wednesday, right?

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