I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far! I had an amazing day yesterday meeting with friends and companies- I'm thrilled to say that some exciting things are in the future for Perfect 10 SF. Stay tuned for more!

Probably the most exciting thing in the future is the arrival of our baby girl! Someone texted me asking if we are naming our baby Petunia. The answer is no- that's just the nickname we have for her while we think about names. The funny thing is, I bet that our daughter will have a classmate named Petunia in preschool.

So we have officially crossed over from triple digits to double digits with the countdown. Did you see my 26 weeks pregnancy update on Monday? You can read it here. As of today, we have 95 days to go until the due date and I realized I still have a lot to do. I was working at The Grove on Fillmore yesterday and a pregnant woman and her husband next to me were talking about breast feeding classes, delivery, doctors, and more. I was trying to read my real estate text book but couldn't help but listen in. When the time was right, I, of course, inserted myself in their conversation (he went to get his wife chocolate cake- it seemed like the best time). It was funny to hear her go from full-on complaining about everything to talking to me very patiently and politely. It made me wonder a lot about the conversations we have privately with our partners when we think no one is listening. HA.

So here are the things that I have on my mind, to-do list, wish list:

Reading List // While I have been loving The Bump App, What to Expect App, and My Pregnancy App, I knew it was time to read some parenting books. I have been loving "The Whole Brain Child" by Dan Siegel (I read his other book "Brainstorm" over the summer), "Heading Home With Your New Born: From Birth to Reality", and "The 5 Love Languages of Children". I'd love any suggestions! 

Prenatal Massage // I'm excited to try out SenSpa next week for a prenatal massage. I've been bopping around trying new spots since UCSF hardly has any massage openings and I've been wanting to check out this luxury spot in the Presidio.

Baby moon // Does it seem like I'm talking about a baby moon in every post? We're planning on heading up to Sonoma in the next couple of weeks to get some sun and alone time. I'm looking at different spots so send any suggestions my way.

Baby Registry // I've started a registry at Pottery Barn Kids and want to find one more place to register. Sometimes it's just so overwhelming!

Childcare // Yes, we're already starting to look at childcare, which seems so crazy. We're touring our first site in a couple of weeks. I'll keep you updated on the experience.

Classes // We start our birthing, infant care, and breastfeeding classes in a few weeks at UCSF. I registered for those in November because the doctor said it was best to sign up early. I remember thinking that the classes seemed so far away and now they're here!

Jesse's 30th Birthday // Jesse's birthday is April 27 and I want to plan a fun birthday party for him. I've been coordinating with his mom to make it special. I want to plan everything in advance so it's all taken care of, especially since I'll be 35 weeks at that point so who knows if I'll even be able to move.

Strollers, Carriers, and Diapers, Oh My! // I've been looking at baby products with a critical eye to try and find the perfect products. I still want to figure out the bottles and stroller situation. You can read my baby product reviews here!

Baby Name // While I do think Petunia is a fun name while this baby girl is growing, I want to have our name before we go to the hospital. Everyone asks if I'm going with a C name (to add to Celine, Caitlin, Caroline, Colleen, Claire, Camilla, and Clementine, oh and our dog Callie) and I'm not sure!! I've been looking at this list of Girl names that start with C. Any favorites?

I'll soliciting all moms to send me any tips they have!!!!


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